New study reveals the average age people lose their virginity

New study reveals the average age people lose their virginity

Virginity is a topic that many people talk about, especially during our teenage years, but people are rarely open and honest about. I've spoken to plenty of people who didn't lose it until they were in their twenties, yet still pretended they had so they wouldn't look bad in front of others - despite the fact that, at the end of the day, I'm sure most of us don't think people should do it until they're ready.

It's just as much down to circumstance and emotional state as much as it is physical development, with some people waiting until much later in life to get down to it. Yet even amongst those who have had several sexual relationships over the years, people aren't always comfortable telling each other when the big day was. And when you are told, you might just wonder if the answer they've given you is a load of BS.

So what is the average age that people lose their virginity? Lucky for you, a recent survey has given us the answer.

condom in hand Credit: Pexels

The website Dr Ed asked 1,000 people from across Europe and the United States various questions regarding their sexual journeys, discovering that the average age that people lost their virginity was 17.4 years old.

But this wasn't the end of the information they got out of these participants. Sexual awakening, which the site defines as the "sudden realisation of sexual feelings and urges", occurred on average at 15.2 years, meaning there was usually around two years between these feelings emerging and them acting on them.

While men typically go through puberty later than women, men remembered having their sexual awakenings almost a year earlier (14.8 as opposed to 15.5). Additionally, gay people who participated in the study recounted having a sexual awakening at a younger age, at just under 14 years old - although, the average age they lost their v-cards was higher, at 17.9 years old.


62 percent of people said that sexual awakening occurred after seeing a particular actor or actress on TV, while 30 percent said it was a sibling's friend. The smaller numbers get a little more obscure, with 14 percent claiming it was a teacher that triggered them, 9 percent a cartoon character, 4 percent babysitter, and 6 percent... was down to a relative.

There are a few outliers, such as some who said it was "the cleaning lady" and others who started to notice a difference after spending a little time with barbies.


Back to the stats on the age that people lost their virginity, there were different ways to categorise their findings. Each consecutive generation lost their virginity at an earlier age, except Baby Boomers. It was found that generation X lost their virginity at 18.1, baby boomers at 17.6, and millennials at 17.4.

So, if you felt like it was a little late to lose your virginity at 18 or later, knowing that most people don't do so until they're older than 17 may relax you a little bit. And if you're a teenager reading this, know that there's all the time in the world for you to go at your own pace.

You can view the full report from DrEd by clicking here.