New study says that people who love spicy food have better love lives

New study says that people who love spicy food have better love lives

While some people are wary of accidentally biting into a peppercorn, others will much freely on jalapeños, slather Tabasco sauce over their eggs, and do anything else they can to feel that capsaicin tickle their tastebuds. While some people see spicy food as some kind of challenge or obstacle to be overcome, I personally just enjoy the taste of a chilli pepper or some wasabi, and am happy to chow down on that.

Science says that there are certain types of people who love spicy food, and what's more - there might be a rather positive correlation between love for spicy food and a spicier love life in general. Yup, if you're a lover of hot sauce or the KFC zinger, then you might be a zinger in the sheets. Or something.

It's... definitely news to me.

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So, how did science come up with that? This particular set of results comes from polling company OnePoll, who carried out a survey on behalf of hot sauce brand El Yucateco. So, they've got no investment in the results then or anything like that, do they?

Taking data from around 2,000 Americans, the survey looked to examine the correlation between taste bud sensitivity and overall sexual activity. They also asked subjects a series of questions about their personality and found that there were also some differences in lifestyle too.

Overall, what they found... was pretty interesting. Not only do people who have more spicy food have more sex, but those who list their preference for hot food had nearly double the amount of sex (5.3 times per month to 3.2 times per month).

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Not only are you a better lover because of your love of Tabasco sauce, but you're also a better person overall, apparently. Results also showed that spicy palates also indicated they had their life together more than the people who go for Lemon & Herb at Nando's.

They say that people who love spicy food have an overall larger taste for adventure, listening to loud music, going fast on winding roads, and all that stuff you see on Tinder profiles that makes you go: "okay, this person is trying way too hard to be interesting."

In fact, spice lovers are 45 percent more likely to have travelled out of the country, gone skydiving, scuba diving, or rafting than their pathetic, wimpy, non-spice-eating counterparts. They're also the most likely to rate their happiness a perfect 10, and are goal-oriented people, working to achieve their dreams in life.

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"It’s no surprise to us to see the results from this poll," said a spokesperson from El Yucateco, in a quote that revealed a lot more than they probably intended. "Our interactions with our loyal fan base indicates that they are adventurous, outgoing and live life to its fullest."

You hear that, non-spice-eaters? According to this study from El Yucateco (who I've heard do really good hot sauce), eating those chilli peppers is the only thing standing in the way of achieving all your dreams, feeling happy and satisfied with your life, and - of course - having all the sex.

And if you love spicy food, but don't find these assertions accurate? Well, there must really be something wrong with you.