New survey reveals the 10 behaviors that people count as cheating

New survey reveals the 10 behaviors that people count as cheating

When we think of cheating, we typically associate the notion with some kind of steamy love affair; brief encounters in dingy motel rooms, furtive glances across the dancefloor at company parties.

However, there are many different aspects to cheating, and what one person might consider an act of infidelity, another might brush off as harmful playfulness.

Ashley Madison, the dating site for those who wish to cheat on their partners, has collated data from more than 3,000 users to ascertain what they judged as cheating. After all, as sex and relationship therapist Tammy Nelson says;

"Despite defining what infidelity means to one another, one or both people in a relationship could still make the choice to seek an extra-marital affair when their needs aren't being met. An alternative conversation to have is one that outlines what it is that each partner needs from the other to feel happy and satisfied in the relationship, and how to talk about it when they don't feel that."

Here are the behaviours that Ashley Madison users considered as cheating, by percentage of users who thought as such.

Fantasising about others - 13%

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Remaining in contact with an ex - 16%

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Having dinner with a member of the opposite sex - 18%

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Thinking about another during sex - 18%

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Casual flirting - 18%

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Spending time with an ex-partner - 29%

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Having an online dating profile - 29%

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Sending racy messages - 44%

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Sending a nude - 46%

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Establishing a deep emotional bond with another - 55%

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How many of these do you agree with - personally I thin some of the numbers are a little low, but perhaps that's just down to individual point of view.