People are sharing pictures of the poor men who are forced to take perfect pictures of their girlfriends

People are sharing pictures of the poor men who are forced to take perfect pictures of their girlfriends

In today's modern age, looking good on social media is increasingly become a metric of social status.

You may turn your nose up at the notion, but with there being hundreds (if not thousands) of likes on Instagram and Facebook at stake, it's not surprising that some people go above and beyond to ensure their selfies are truly on point. In lieu of a professional photography crew, some girls resort to the next best thing: their loving, doting boyfriends.

For these men, no camera angle is too ridiculous for their lover, with them contorting themselves into some pretty awkward positions for the best possible photo for their girlfriends. Here, we pay tribute to some of the best boyfriend photographers around; truly, the unsung heroes of the social media world.

1. Deep in the bushes

2. Checkmate

3. Even Selena Gomez's man is getting in on the act

4. Let's hope he's got a strong grip

5. Sometimes, it takes two

6. To get the perfect angle, you've sometimes got to get your knees dirty

7. Getting the perfect travel photo ain't easy

8. When you think about it, there was no other way

9. Teamwork makes the dream work

10. Flexing those social media muscles

11. "You've absolutely got to travel! It really opens your mind..."

12. Safety first

13. It's the Circle of Life

14. Kanye West, seen here positively hating his life

15. What even is happening here

16. I hope there's no sudden braking

17. Getting the cinematic experience right for your beloved

18. Vehicular manslaughter is always worth it for the right Instagram photo

19. So's drowning, apparently. Hope that camera is waterproof

20. Taking girlfriend photos (literally) to new heights

At the moment, I'm not in a relationship, and when I look at these photos, I can kind of understand why. I'm a pretty good guy, but do I have the flexibility, creativity and camera skills to take the best Instagram photo for my potential beloved? I'm not so sure. She'd be losing a good 20 likes at least on each photo, and no woman deserves such betrayal in her life.

Gents, make sure your photography game is as on point as these guys up here. Your relationship depends on it.