Photographer records the most romantic proposal ever in front of hundreds of hot air balloons

Photographer records the most romantic proposal ever in front of hundreds of hot air balloons

Most of us have fantasized about the day our significant gets down on one knee. It's supposed to be one of the most romantic occasions in a person's life - and a moment that they're sure to remember for the rest of it. After all, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in November of last year, it was the first question on people's lips.

While their story was romantic in its own way (he did it at home while they were cooking), no one can deny that they had the fairytale wedding of the year, and what their proposal might have lacked in grandeur was certainly made up for by the way Australian photographer Jake Snow, 26, recently proposed to his girlfriend of two years Marie Fe, 28.

Credit: @mariefeandjakesnow

The pair met in Thailand while traveling in the summer of 2016, and despite the fact that they had both made travel arrangements to their next destinations, Jake couldn't pass up the chance to pursue their connection further. After spending four days together and arriving in his next stop of Cambodia, Jake decided to cancel his current plans and go to Vietnam to find Marie.

To see their proposal which puts the Royal wedding to shame, check out the video below: 

The incredible video was shot on a rooftop in Cappadocia, Turkey, which is one of the world's most popular destinations for hot air ballooning. Needless to say, Jake not only got the woman of his dreams but some seriously impressive snaps too.

Credit: @mariefeandjakesnow

And while there's no doubt that the couple's special moment was a romantic one, as the video above shows, it was lighthearted too, as Jake couldn't remember which finger he was supposed to put German-born Marie's engagement ring on.

Credit: @mariefeandjakesnow

The pair not only met while traveling, but it's also something that they've continued to do ever since. Showcasing their breathtaking adventures on their joint Instagram account - visiting locations like Egypt and Bali.

But while Marie and Jake might have had an incredibly romantic proposal, the same can't be said for this guy who popped the question on a plane... with absolutely disastrous results:

"What a beautiful engagement picture! Congratulations!" wrote Instagram user @acanelaexpeditions.

"This is the best engagement picture ever! I'm screenshotting it so I can keep it!! Congrats," added @she_is_lindsey.

Credit: @mariefeandjakesnow

Writing about the start of their romance on their photography website in May 2018, the couple revealed:

"We have been together now for 22 months, in that time we have explored 22 countries. The story of how we met is a pretty crazy story really, but it all started on a beach in Thailand. We would have never met if Marie's friend didn't drop her phone in the ocean. She decided to forget about it and have a few drinks on the beach, and I was there waiting with a beer in hand."

"After 4 days we parted ways for one and a half days because we had flights booked to different countries. I knew I had to find her again so I entrusted a man in Cambodia with my passport, and $210 so that he could arrange a Vietnamese visa for me in 2 hours, therefore I could catch a bus to Vietnam and surprise her. We definitely knew we had something special after spending the whole of Vietnam together."

Well, there's no doubt that these two were a pair who were simply meant to be. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish Marie and Jake all the best - both for their upcoming wedding and their future travels around the world.