Research finds people with certain face shapes have higher sex drives and are more likely to cheat

Research finds people with certain face shapes have higher sex drives and are more likely to cheat

It's a question that has bugged people in relationships since the dawn of time: how do you spot a cheater? It's a tough one and it's more than likely that there is no definitive answer, but according new research, there may be some subtle hints.

What are these signs? Is it them acting strange when you pick up their phone? Lipstick on their collar? Or smelling of someone else's perfume/aftershave? Well, none of these are great, but no. New research conducted by Nipissing University, Ontario, claims that you can spot a cheater if they have a square head.

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Yep, seriously. According to the research, people with wide, square faces have higher sex drives and are more likely to cheat on their partners. Researchers found that those with broader facial structures were more aggressive and were more likely to be sexually driven.

The team of researchers was led by psychologist Steven Arnocky, and they measured the faces of 145 undergraduates who were in relationships and interviewed them about their sex lives. They found that those who had wider faces were more relaxed about casual sex and had stronger links with tendencies such as unethical behaviour, prejudice and psychopathic characteristics.

It's not all bad news though, the research also found that wide faced people are more likely to be wealthy and are more attractive to the opposite sex for a one night stand. The team of researchers hope that the findings will shed light on the role of facial features when it come to sexual relationships.

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Each student was asked about sociosexual orientation, which is a measure of how comfortable they were with the idea of casual sex, and they were also asked how regularly they would masturbate during a typical month. The students were also asked to complete a questionnaire about their interpersonal behaviour, as well as their sex drive, orientation and the chances of them cheating on their partner.

Dr Lefevre has previously conducted similar research, in which she found that men with wider facial structures have higher levels of testosterone, however she has warned people not go overboard with the new discoveries.

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"One thing that is important to remember is that we are seeing relatively small correlations here," she said.

"That means that there is only a tendency for wider-faced people to have a greater sex drive, not that every person with a relatively wide face is a sex maniac."

The study appeared in the journal Archives of Sexual behaviour and has been supported by previous experiments which revealed that people with wider faces are more likely to have traits such a prejudice, psychopathy, financial success, ambition and attractiveness.

I guess the lesson to take home from all of this is next time you're on Tinder, think twice when swiping right on someone with a square head. Yes, they might be wealthy and successful, but they could also be a prejudiced, psychopathic cheater; and no one wants that, do they?