These retired married Cosplayers are absolute couple goals

These retired married Cosplayers are absolute couple goals

In a world where the phrase "couple goals" has been seriously overused, it's hard to feel as if you and your other half, no matter how deeply in love you are, could ever share so perfect of a relationship. I mean, all it takes is a scroll through your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts to feel a little envious of couples who always seem to be vacationing in some of the most romantic cities in the world, and whose snaps, albeit being perfectly staged, are always picture-perfect.

However, one retired married couple have taken to these social media platforms to prove that there is such a thing as old school romance. Steven and Millie Tanni from California have become known as "The Cosplay Parents" after becoming obsessed with Marvel, DC and anything sci-fi or fantasy related. They started cosplaying together and have dressed up in everything from Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor to Frozen's Princess Anna and Kristoff.

And the pictures that they share on their Instagram and Facebook accounts are just amazing... 










While Steven and Millie first got into cosplay because of their passion for dressing-up, they also realised that it was a great way to combat old age: "we don't want to sit around in rocking chairs, as we want to enjoy our golden years and live life to the fullest,” they said.