Single woman takes touching wedding photos with 87-year-old grandfather

Single woman takes touching wedding photos with 87-year-old grandfather

If you're single, you probably have older relatives that pester you about when you're going to get married. This can be annoying - very, very annoying - but they're driven from a real concern. They're not going to be around forever, and could miss a milestone moment in your life.

Fu Xuewei is a 25-year-old entrepreneur living in China. Like most 25-year-olds, she's focused on her career, and doesn't have any plans to get married. However, her 87-year-old grandfather has fallen seriously ill, suffering from heart disease as well as a cerebral stroke. Doctors say that his condition is critical and he could pass away at any moment. "I want him to see me become a bride," said Fu. "My grandfather would be the one to give me away on my wedding. Because I don't know if he could live long enough to see that, I wanted to make sure he could do that now."

single woman wedding dress Credit: Fu Xuewei

Fu and her grandfather have a close relationship. When she was ten years old, her parents got divorced, and she was placed under her grandparents' care. As she grew up, she formed a deep bond with her grandfather and grandmother that has lasted her whole life. She doesn't just call them on their birthday to say hi. She talks to them about school, work and her relationship problems. She's even taken them on vacations to other countries, and brought them out to night clubs. (Too bad they didn't do any photoshoots at the night club.)

Fu Xuewei

So, Fu spent 5,000 yuan  - about $475 - to arrange a touching photoshoot with her grandfather. After a checkup at the hospital, she surprised him with the idea, taking him to a photo studio. She dressed up in a wedding gown and he wore a maroon suit. Finally, he could see his granddaughter as a beautiful bride. They even went to a church so he could walk her down the aisle. Her grandfather only has so much time left, so Fu is cherishing every moment. A groom-less ceremony is a pretty clever idea. (Also, now when she gets married, she's already got the dress.)

Credit: Fu Xuewei

Fu's grandfather may not be around when she gets married, but at least now he has gotten the emotional experience. And now Fu has a a collection of stunning photos to look at whenever she wants to remember her grandfather. Or she could just glance at her arm. "I had my grandfather's portrait tattooed on my arm in January," said Fu. "Because I want my new friends and my children to be able to know what he looks like in the future."

After sharing her photos on Chinese social media, they went viral. Everyone can relate to how heartbreaking it is when a relative gets sick, and appreciate Fu's heartwarming gesture. Whoever eventually marries her will be very lucky.