Siri accidentally texts woman’s crush the most awkward message imaginable

Siri accidentally texts woman’s crush the most awkward message imaginable

We've all had fun asking Siri random questions. "What do you dream about?" "I only dream of helping you, and fiery winged unicorns." "Why do you vibrate?" "It's just me doing a little jig inside of here." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "My end user license agreement is commitment enough for me." Nice job, whoever's writing for Siri at Apple!

Most often, we ask Siri questions hoping there will be a funny answer. But once in a while, when you get frustrated with life, you might catch yourself asking Siri something real, like "When will I get a job?" or "Why is my roommate such a jerk?" You don't really expect an answer. It just feels good to ask the question.

Well, Ceci asked Siri one of those joking-but-not-joking questions, and what happened next was a nightmare. Lucky for us, she shared the whole exchange on Twitter! She asked Siri if a boy she had a crush on would ever text her, and then Siri sent that boy a message reading, "Will you ever text me?" It's hilarious, but also humiliating - can you imagine sending your crush such an awkward message? In Gmail, you can undo sending an emails but you can't undo sending a text message. "My funeral will be held at 8pm this Thursday," wrote Ceci, mortified.

At least Ceci got some love from the Internet. Her tweet went viral, with 110,000 retweets, 580,000 likes and everyone dying to know what happened next. "My ass was sadly but surely, left on read," wrote Ceci. For you old people, that means she got a notification saying her crush read the message, but he didn't respond (which always sucks).

But the story doesn't end there. Ceci's crush is no troglodyte, and it was only a matter of time before he saw her talking about him on social media. "In retrospect, no I wouldn't have tweeted this if I knew it would eventually show up on his timeline," wrote Ceci. "But honestly that's on you for leaving me on read."

After being publicly put on blast for not responding, the mystery man finally texted Ceci back, writing one word - if you can really call it a word: "Haha." Ouch. If this was followed by a sentence or two, that would be fine, but just "haha"? Nobody wants their crush talking to them like Nelson from The Simpsons. "Update!!" wrote Ceci. "Received a text simply saying: "haha" funerals been pushed up! BYOB!"

One user found a possible plothole in Cecil's story, pointing out that Siri doesn't just automatically text people at random. She always asks you first to confirm. Ceci responded, "Yeah I accidentally hit send trying to exit. Will no longer ask Siri for relationship advice." Sorry, Siri, for dragging your good name through the mud. It wasn't all your fault.

Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending. The mystery guy never texted back beyond the "haha," and dealt a devastating blow by "unfollowing" Ceci on Twitter. (You monster!) Thankfully, she took it in stride. "Just want to take the time to thank everyone for their kind words & condolences during these tragic times," wrote Ceci. "But in the words of our queen mother, Beyoncé (long may she live) BOY BYE."

It sucks when your crush doesn't feel the same way you do. But on the upside, Ceci's funeral is going to be fricken lit.