Someone overheard two women about to catch their husbands cheating and live tweeted it

Someone overheard two women about to catch their husbands cheating and live tweeted it

Being cheated on sucks. But every so often you hear stories of how partners have victoriously busted their lying partners, and even though it's a shitty thing to confirm, at least they could finally put their suspicions to rest.

And now we have a story that's even better. Two women who each suspected their husbands were cheating on them met for the first time in their attempt to catch them. According to filmmaker-slash-spy BJ Colangelo, who overheard the conversation and live-tweeted it, the two women had come together after suspecting their husbands were cheating... with each other.

The women were sitting at the airport bar and BJ Colangelo diligently eavesdropped, documenting how the two ladies came together to forge a very special bond in an interaction that could very well lead to a wonderful and wholesome friendship. It really is beautiful, in its own, bittersweet way.

"There are two women next to me at the airport bar who are flying cross-country to ambush their husbands they think are sleeping together," she began, before tweeting the rest of the drama she saw unfolding before her.

(No stress, it can happen to anyone.)

If you’ve already spotted some similarities between the situation unfolding in the airport bar and the premise of a certain Netflix sitcom starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, you’re not the only one. These ladies understand they’re living in a life-imitates-art nightmare.

Wait a sec, isn't this exactly like in Grace and Frankie, when two women come together after their husbands announce that they are in love and want to get married? It seems like the two women at the airport bar are also starting to see some similarities in their unlikely friendship starting blossom, just as it does in the Netflix comedy series.

Amazing. But people are all wondering how this all went down, and if the ladies' suspicions were right. The people are demanding answers, and even suggested BJ Colangelo start a crowdfunding page so she could follow them to Chicago.

Whatever Jeffery and Richard were up to, at least Gum Lady and Shot Lady have forged a friendship for life.