Student nurse reveals the unusual thing she finds sexy and gets bombarded with pictures

Student nurse reveals the unusual thing she finds sexy and gets bombarded with pictures

With Valentine's day fast approaching, plenty of people are now on the lookout for love. Whether you're a single pringle or firmly locked into a relationship, Valentine's day comes with plenty of pressure. For those of us who are in relationships, Valentine's comes as an unwanted and unrequired expense. Restaurants up their prices for the occasion and you find out exactly how much a bouquet of flowers actually costs.

But, if you're single, Valentine's can be both a harrowing and depressing time of the year. While your social media feeds will become awash with chocolates in love heart boxes and a dozen red roses, there you will be - on your own and doing the running man on Tinder.

But while your aimless swiping will undoubtedly prove to be a fruitless task, when one student nurse went to Twitter to describe what it is that she looks for in a guy, she ended up being inundated with snaps of potentials suitors.

Credit: Twitter/@DanielleMciver_

Danielle McIver, 18, is a student nurse who is on the lookout for her prince charming. On Monday, she took to her Twitter account and said that the 'three sexiest' things are 'a guy in workwear, a guy in grey cottons or a guy driving'. The tweet was sent out innocuously but ended up going viral, with it being retweeted over 1,400 times and receiving well over 8,000 likes.

Plenty of women were in agreement with Danielle, with one woman saying that she makes sure to ask if a man can drive before she begins dating them:

However, what Danielle more than likely didn't expect, was for dozens of men to appear on her Twitter offering themselves as her new beau. One man, who was clad in a fashionable fluorescent yellow bin man uniform, can be seen posing seductively at the camera. While another, who posted a pic of himself getting stuck into some weeds, also offered himself as a solution to Danielle's problems.

Although the majority of replies came from the men themselves, one guy offered up his friend, tweeting Danielle 'what about my pal Callum Scott' alongside a Snapchat of Callum in his clothes with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Despite the replies, Danielle says that she is yet to discover her Mr Right. Speaking to The Sun in the wake of her viral Tweet, the student nurse says that she isn't holding out much hope about finding her soulmate on Twitter.

"I haven't replied to anybody at all yet. I don't think I'll find the man of my dreams on Twitter!

I don't think I'll find the man of my dreams on twitter. It takes a bit more than some workwear and a driving licence.

I'm just laughing it off. My parents don't know yet though."

Even though Danielle hasn't found her man on Twitter, at least she can rest easy knowing she has plenty of admirers.