Survey reveals that most people out there are having sex in the morning

Survey reveals that most people out there are having sex in the morning

Ever since the age of 13, when you had to watch your social studies teacher awkwardly try to fit a condom onto a banana, you've been acutely aware of the fairly universal adult activity known as sex. You've seen television shows and movies that obsess over it, you've heard music alluding to it in varying levels of subtlety; you might even have had it at some point.

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Regardless of how experienced you may be, a lot of people, myself included, are curious about the ins and outs (pun intended) of sexual activity, and a recent survey shines a blacklight on the most popular times for couples to copulate.

Typically, we think of sex as a night-time activity; illuminated by candles with Marvin Gaye or Barry White in the background, the lack of light leading to lovemaking liberation. There's also the train of thought that bedroom activities involve finding your baby and holding him or her tight, grabbing some afternoon delight in the process.

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What, however, is the most popular time for people to have sex? Superdrug, a beauty and cosmetics retailer based in the United Kingdom, set out to answer this question with a survey. They got around to interviewing as many as 2,000 regular lovemakers to learn their favourite time of day to play Hide the Salami, and what they found was rather interesting.

If you're in a relationship, you'll be relatively familiar with the concept of a Mundane Sunday.

As you wave goodbye to the weekend's activities and the dread of work begins to loom large on the horizon, you and your partner might decide to while away the day together. That usually involves spending hours on Netflix, eating greasy food in your pajamas, and yes, a fair few sessions of the no-pants dance to usher in the new week.

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Superdrug's survey found that those lazy Sundays are the most popular day of the week for a couple to get it on, with 9am that day being peak departure time for the Orgasm Express calling all stations to Pleasure Town. The second most popular time was Saturday night at 10:30pm, while Saturday night an hour later came in third.

So now we know what are the most popular times to have sex. What, however, are the least popular times for people to make love? In their survey, Superdrug were also able to learn that the fewest people were getting it on at 4:45 pm on a Monday, which goes a long way toward explaining why I was fired from my previous job.

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Well there you have it, folks. With new surveys and studies, we're learning more about society's sexual habits. Hopefully we'll continue to break down taboos around something we all engage in on at least a semi-sporadic basis.

I don't know about you, but whenever I wake up early on a Sunday morning at 9am, I'll now be kind of reassured to remember that somebody I know is probably having sex at that very moment.