Teacher is suspended after being filmed touching teenage student inappropriately

Teacher is suspended after being filmed touching teenage student inappropriately

Every single day, millions of children leave their homes and parents and are entrusted in the protection of teachers and other members of a school's faculty. However, as we know all too well, some teachers chose to abuse this trust, and use their power to form inappropriate and illegal relationships with their students.

Now, footage taken inside a classroom has led to the suspension of a high school history teacher, after it appears to show him 'inappropriately' touching a female teenage student, Fox17 reports.

The footage can be seen below. Did the teacher cross the line?

In the video, recorded on Monday, teacher Travis Holland can be seen rubbing his hand up and down the back of the student. Towards the end of the footage, his hand can be seen moving slowly towards her lower back and across her waist.

After the video was brought to the attention of the Rutherford County School District, Holland was suspended without pay from his position as a history teacher as Eagleville High School, officials have confirmed.

However, the student's parents have come to the defense of the Illinois teacher, stating how Holland was purely comforting their upset daughter following a family bereavement.

But Fox17 has reported that another concerned parent of a child at Eagleville has claimed that Holland has previously had complaints filed against him, once again for instances of inappropriate touching.

Both the Department of Children’s Services and local law enforcement have investigated the incident, but both bodies have declined to investigate the matter any further.

Mr. Holland from Eagleville High School Credit: Eagleville High School

Nevertheless, the RCSD’s investigation will remain ongoing, and Mr Holland will continue to be suspended until it has concluded.

In a statement, the school system has said:

"We were notified of the video and did an initial review, but then deferred to law enforcement and DCS for their review. We have now heard back from both agencies and they are not pursuing any further investigation.

"However, the school district has suspended the employee without pay pending the outcome of a district investigation."