Teenager kicked out of house by parents over 31-year age gap with her boyfriend

Teenager kicked out of house by parents over 31-year age gap with her boyfriend

When you're a teenager, the idea of dating out of your age range can seem like a pretty bizarre idea, but for some people, it's something that they wholeheartedly desire. While the lust and fetishisation of older people, particularly women, is nothing new - actually dating them is a whole different ballgame.

One quick search for the nation's favourite type of pornography will show that we're all obsessed with 'Milfs'. But, for one girl, she preferred an older man and it led to some serious problems with her family.

Tereza Hatlas, 20, met her beau George Sekanina, 51, on a dating website when she was 18-years-old. The couple began talking to each other and five months down the line, they decided to make a go of it.

"I was looking for an older man; 50 years or older and I caught him like a fish - a golden one of course. For five months we only chatted - two messages each, on a daily basis," says Tereza.

"We shared our favourite songs, pictures, life experiences and so on. And in February we met in person.

"It went well so we started seeing each other more and more; we could talk through the day and night. It was wonderful.

"His family were so kind to me from the first time they met me. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, all of them. They all support us, enjoy our company, and love us.

"But my family, sadly, threw me out of my home and I had to move to my bae's home. It was quick, we've officially been together for as long as we've lived together, which is two years.

"I had to change my home, my school, friends, family and everything was new, brought a lot of issues but it's behind us now.

"They didn't agree with my choice, so I had to go. I was mentally down, it was a really dark year-and-a-half. I was struggling with myself the whole time; I had depression and was not able to wake up and go to school."

Despite the opposition that the couple faced, Tereza feels like she made the right decision, with her labelling George as her 'missing piece.'

"I was attracted to his charm of personality, square chin, rough serene voice, deep, loving and smart eyes and of course his silver hair," she said. "When I was getting to know him, I was attracted to him more and more. He is wise, talented, and a young-minded man.

"He must have been attracted to me by my cute and mysterious weirdness and open-mindedness and my height for sure; I'm very small and he finds it sweet.

"I am an animal-loving, little-bit-lazy, chocolate-loving bookworm that met an active, meat-loving fitness coach that is hard on himself and others as well. Seems like black and white - and it truly is.

"I always adored older men, so this age gap doesn't bother me. I am happy about it. My boyfriend is kind of a young soul, so I really can't imagine him with someone older. There are days I feel like the older one.

"A year and a half into the relationship, my family and I somehow found our way back to each other. However, they still don't respect my man and they don't want to meet him. At least they are able to talk about my relationship.

"It makes me truly sad, as I found in him a missing piece of myself. Maybe time will heal everything."

Tereza also has one last gem of wisdom for anyone who thinks about judging her, or anyone else, for that matter: "I never cared about what other people think. "

That's what I recommend to anybody who criticises any relationship - mind your own business. Gay, lesbian, older, younger, it's all about happiness and love."

While the age gap is undoubtedly fairly shocking, if the couple are happy, who are to judge them?