Bridezilla's outrageous list of demands leaves the internet telling guests to boycott

Bridezilla's outrageous list of demands leaves the internet telling guests to boycott

No one ever said that being a bride was easy. In fact, it's a huge commitment, not just to the person you are about to marry but to the actual ceremony itself - the responsibility involved is enough to drive anyone insane. It's no wonder that some engaged women turn into so-called bridezillas in the lead-up to their big day. I mean, after all, they are finally organizing the one day they have been carefully planning and fantasizing about since they were a little girl. They've got a lot on their plate.

However, some women are definitely a lot more demanding and difficult than others during the engagement period. Some brides seem to think simply extending an invitation to her guests is a privilege, and therefore, expect a great deal in return. We've heard stories where the bride has allegedly expected cash gifts worth thousands. Of course, a lot of the time these turn out to be huge exaggerations. And often, unless we have actual receipts in the form of screenshots, we're less likely to believe it.

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Well, you're in luck this time, because a certain bridezilla has been exposed, albeit anonymously, in the form of one particularly damning screengrab. Yep, a wedding guest has shared an outrageous list of demands from a bride-to-be and the internet cannot believe how brazen she is.

All of the guests received an email from a wedding coordinator outlining a list of "rules and regulations" to be applied on the day.

By the way, you might want to check out this groom's pretty awkward reaction to seeing his bride for the first time:

The list has attracted a great deal of ridicule due to the bride's audacity to express her insanely high expectations from her guests - and without meaning to sound stuck up - for the uneducated way in which the points are expressed.

I mean, you'd think that someone who was hired as a professional wedding coordinator would know the difference between a ceremony and a "seramony" (whatever that is).

Redditor @Laika_cat posted a screenshot of the very dictatorial email titled: "Kindly refrain from upstaging the bride on her big day - oh, and no admission without a gift of $75 or more."

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Okay, so the wedding coordinator's spelling and grammar have already proved to be questionable, but then again, she is only reaching out to do "a finally head count", so why bother proof-reading?

But the email gets a lot worse the further you read on, and I'm not just talking about the consistently awful grammar:

  • Please arrive 15-30 minutes early.
  • Please DO NOT wear white, cream, or ivory.
  • Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail.
  • Please do not fave a full face of makeup.
  • Do not record during the seramony.
  • Do not check in on FB until instructed.
  • Use #[Redacted] when posting all pictures.
  • Everyone will toast with Rémy. No acceptance.
  • Lastly must come with gift $75 or more or you want be admited in

Credit: Reddit / @Laika_cat

Needless to say, people from all corners of the web had an absolute field day when they were made aware of the bride's undeniably ridiculous list of demands.

"Hell, even North Korea has more than 2 state-approved haircuts to choose from," one commenter wrote.

While another added, "Sure the wedding coordinator isn't actually the bride? Seems like a bridezilla demand list."

And there is plenty more hysterical commentary where they came from:

The moral of the story here is pretty clear: don't have such outrageously high expectations of your wedding guests. If they're taking the time to attend what should be one of the happiest days of your life, that should be enough of an honor in itself.