This Guy Goes To Extreme Lengths To Take Instagram Photos Of His Girlfriend

This Guy Goes To Extreme Lengths To Take Instagram Photos Of His Girlfriend

It's a fair to say that Instagram has now become a central part of our vacations.

With the rise of social media, and the simplicity of taking a photo these days, we all go on holiday and aim to take the perfect photo for "the gram". Travel accounts are some of the most followed on the app, as people go to Instagram in an attempt to escape the mundane working day.

We're all guilty of it: you're on the train home and log onto Instagram, you scroll through endless memes and photos of cats, and then stumble across a photo of a serene bay. Instantly you like it, click through onto that account and get lost in a whirlwind of photos of the ocean, palm trees, ancient architecture and seafood. You instantly think about quitting your job and packing your bags, after all; life is short, right?

However, when you're on holiday, it's a whole different ball game. Rather than the being jealous one, you set about trying to make others full of envy. Every photo you take is intended to show how much of a great time you're having, and you have to look great in them.

Finding the perfect angle and lighting is key, and sometimes this requires going to great lengths in order to capture the image, as one couple from Puerto Rico have demonstrated.

Instagram-Couple Credit: Paolo Pentón González

This is Paolo Pentón González and her boyfriend, Gabriel Martínez Rivera. They live in Puerto Rico and recently took a holiday to the British Virgin Isles.

As you would expect with such a beautiful place, the trip made for plenty of "grammable" snaps, and Marínez was the designated photographer: "He's no photographer, but he takes great pictures," said Pentón.

"He's always doing everything he can to get a good shot" she said. Pentón wasn't lying, as their friends have begun taking hilarious behind-the-scenes photos that show the extent Martínez goes to when taking photos of his girlfriend.

One photo in particular, has made the internet go wild. While taking a sailing trip off Peter Island, a friend of the couple captured this incredible BTS shot which shows Martínez literally hanging off the side of a boat, trying to take the perfect picture of Pentón.

To be fair, the shot turned out looking pretty amazing, but that doesn't take anything away from how insane Martínez's commitment was.

The gesture went viral, after Twitter user @_KingNeek shared the photos, saying: "If you're not trying to be tangled up and hanging like this off a boat for me to have a great picture like this, I don't want you."

Unsurprisingly, people were impressed with the amount of dedication from Martínez.

Pentòn admits that the majority of her Instagram photos are taken by her ever-willing boyfriend, and she says that she's grateful for him: "if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have all these great Instagram pictures."

Martinéz is loving his moment in the limelight, according to Pentón: "we can't believe how far the pictures went - he's very excited."

What a man. Next time I see some of these incredible photos on Instagram, I'll be thinking about who is behind the lens and how they have had to compromise themselves to snap the photo.