A total stranger saved a bride's melted wedding cake before her wedding

A total stranger saved a bride's melted wedding cake before her wedding

Not all heroes wear capes - some of them just work for Patty's Piece of Cake.

A bride found that literally one day before her wedding, on a hot car ride to the Berry Head Hotel, her extravagant lemon and buttercream cake had just simply melted.

Credit: Millie Maltby

The bride, Millie Maltby, thought all was lost... until a total stranger went full MacGyver and salvaged the cake from scrap. Maltby put up a Facebook post describing the anxiety-inducing and then bliss-filled saga of the melted cake:

"I turned up to my wedding location after a very long, hot and traffic-filled journey down to Devon in our car. I had baked, secured, dowelled and decorated my own cake and we were quite cautious to drive carefully. However, when we arrived and opened the cake box it appeared that the hot weather caused the buttercream to melt and the cake just gave up.

"I was a very calm bride and it didn't seem to matter as I was marrying the man of my dreams and everything else seemed so insignificant. Matt on the other hand was heartbroken, he felt awful as I had taken so long to bake and decorate the cake and I had been taunting him about how yummy the cake was going to be. I was sad to think that we wouldn't have a cake - I've always been the crafty/baking type and I knew my family would be expecting to see something amazing.

"The hotel whisked away the cake and told me that they would figure something out for me. I pushed it to the back of my mind and tried to enjoy having all my family around me the night before my wedding day.

"The next morning, my sister ran up to the room I was staying in with pictures of my saved cake. I was in awe, it looked pretty much identical to how I had decorated it.

"Shortly after I found out that Clare had just happened to be in the venue delivering cupcakes, saw the cake and had no hesitation in offering to fix it for me. She spent her evening cleaning the bottom tier decorations, covering a new dummy cake for my middles tier and fixing the dented and squashed top tier.

"To take the time to do that for a stranger is just astounding, and something you just don't see anymore. I don't think i'll ever be able to thank Clare enough. I'm just glad that the hotel gave their fee for having it fixed to Clare as she deserved every penny!

"Clare - I am so glad you've received so many lovely comments and recognition. You are an absolutely incredible person and I hope you know how much your kindness and selflessness made my day perfect.

"So THANK YOU from both Matt and I from the bottom of our hearts, we had the most amazing day and part of that is down to your kind nature!



Credit: Millie Maltby

So there you have it, folks. A near-ruined wedding turning into a story about how great strangers can be.