Twitter users agree the best way to test your relationship with your partner is to build furniture together

Twitter users agree the best way to test your relationship with your partner is to build furniture together

Despite being the reason us Millennials are unable to enter the property market or invest in stocks and shares, Baby Boomers continue to take offence at everything we do. I mean, when they're not pointedly telling us to stop tapping away at our numerous screens, they're blaming our inability to pay our rent on our consumption of avocados, or making fun of the fact that our overpriced apartments are almost solely furnished in IKEA.

Yes, our generation is obsessed with IKEA, but only because we have no other choice. IKEA is the only answer we have to climbing rents and gentrification; it keeps our grotty apartments furnished in affordable bed-frames and bookshelves, and even ensures that we have accordingly inexpensive cutlery to eat our quinoa bowls with. It's a one-stop shop that never disappoints, that is... until it breaks up your relationship.

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As anyone who has ever visited the Scandinavian store with their significant other can attest to, the whole IKEA experience can really put a strain on your relationship. And the experts agree: speaking to the Wall Street Journal, professor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Ramani Durvasula said that as soon as a couple steps into IKEA "The store literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare".

This, according to marriage counsellor Dr. Jane Greer, is because "underneath, every discussion is really about how important am I to you?” Now, if that wasn't bad enough, apparently things don't get much better once you leave the store.

"Unless one of you is the accepted leader for building something, you’re thrown into this dynamic of ‘who is in charge?’” says psychology professor and author of Fighting for Your Marriage, Scott Stanley. He continues, “even when you’ve sort of figured out that one’s more taking the lead, then you’ve got the moments when the assistant sees what the leader is doing wrong.”

And Twitter is certainly united on this front. One user tweeted: "if building flat pack furniture with ya bf isn't a complete test of your patience with each other, I don't know what is", while another corroborated "building IKEA furniture together will honestly either make or break your relationship".

One user went so far as to say that all engaged couples should attempt to build IKEA furniture before taking the plunge: "Forget the focus test. Engaged couples should be given an IKEA loft bed/desk to construct, with no outside help. No leaving until complete."

After all, as @annemayee says: "You know you've found 'the one' when you don't kill each other assembling flatpack furniture".

Essentially then, power struggles are inevitable when it comes to erecting IKEA furniture, so it's probably a good idea to leave that Hemnes dresser at the store, or fork out the cash to have it built for you. I mean, who said that money couldn't buy love?

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