Uber driver befriends girl who got ghosted and documents their crazy night together

Uber driver befriends girl who got ghosted and documents their crazy night together

Getting ghosted on by someone when you're out on a date is never nice. When you get messed around by somebody, you need your friends around to lift you up and get you back on track. But for one woman names Leah, she had flown all the way from Texas to Florida to meet a guy online, so she had no one to back her up after he turned out to be a total jerk. However, luckily, she got into an Uber with an absolute legend and ended up having an amazing night out.

Twitter user @vickto_willy is a bit of a legend on the social media platform, with her previously going viral for being the woman who hid in the trunk of her cheating boyfriend's car last year. Basically, Leah was in good hands and @vickto_willy was more than happy to document their experience.

It all starts when Leah gets into the Uber and breaks down. Rather than console her, this Uber driver decides to invite her to hang out with her friends.

After offering to show her "a bomb time", the driver and her friends also offer to beat the guy's ass who ghosted Leah, but she "politely declined."

So instead of going and doing the dirty on the love-rat, the girls decide to take Leah out and get her dancing.

Things began to get a little wild, with Leah channelling her inner rockstar.

Not done there, she decided to call him in order to have a go at him, then found his Instagram in order to publicly shame him.

While Leah undoubtedly had more fun with these girls than she would've done with Aaron, she sadly had to call it a night and get ready to leave for Texas.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter absolutely loved the story and @vickto_willy was inundated with messages of support and gratitude.

While Leah's trip to Texas may not have gone as planned, with the girl being stitched up by Aaron The Douchebag, she did make some unbelievable friends - something which is much more valuable.