Woman discovers her fiancé is married after finding his wife on Facebook

I know plenty of people who have started long-term, fulfilling relationships after meeting their significant other through dating apps. But this story, which starts off normally enough, eventually escalated into a situation more fitting on a soap opera than real life.

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Amanda Creighton, a 32-year-old hairdresser from Newcastle, met her fiancé-to-be on a dating website. She and Chris Walker met on the site Free Dating in October 2013, and decided to make the relationship official a few months later. Her first clue that he wasn't who he claimed to be came when he disappeared on a six-week work trip to Pool, Dorset after a few months of dating.

"I offered to visit him, but he refused," she told Metro, "I thought it was weird, but just assumed he was busy." But where could he have been for six weeks? Was he having an affair? It turns out the reality was a lot worse: he was with his wife, while she had his baby.

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But Amanda didn't find this out until months later. After he ignored her texts and calls, she decided to confront him when he returned home. It was at this moment that he chose to propose to her. "I was shocked but really excited. Immediately," Amanda said, "I forgave his weird behaviour and put it down to work stress."

In December 2014, she came across the shocking truth: a photo of him hand in hand with another woman on Facebook. Looking further, she found out this was his wife, and his real name was Paul McHugh.

"He’d been lying to me about everything. I was absolutely devastated – and furious. I confronted him over the phone and as soon as I said, ‘your name is Paul’, he hung up straight away. I threw his stuff out of my house then I messaged his wife but she told me I was lying."

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Six months later, strangely enough, she decided to get back together with him. Paul begged Amanda to take him back, and told her that he and his wife had split up. Six months after that, he began to disappear for days at a time, and eventually admitted he was still married. It's not like this guy was the most trustworthy bloke in the first place, having lied about his relationship status and his entire identity...

As if things couldn't get more complicated, a week after this, Amanda found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter Mollie in August 2016. But that wasn't the end of it. Thinking this was all behind her, Amanda saw a stranger naming and shaming Paul as a cheater on Facebook.

"I commented about my experiences with Paul and, hours later, three women messaged me telling me he’d been seeing them at the same time as me. He had dating profiles on several different websites, all under the name of Chris Walker. He was so good at lying that he managed to convince us all that he was in love with us."

alt Credit: Hotspot Media

What could this man possibly say to defend himself? Well, after Metro reached out for a comment, he denied the story altogether:

"I’m not going to comment on anything like that. I didn’t meet her while I was in a relationship. She says it’s my child but they’re carrying out tests. And all this dating profile nonsense that her and her friends have set up is ridiculous. Her friends set up these profiles – I never set up that page. How this is possible is beyond me."

This has been a rollercoaster to be sure, and it's hard to know who to trust after all of this. But if it is all true - why the hell did this guy believe he could get away with such a complex web of lies? Not only is it immoral, but it sounds like an impossible feat to pull off.