Woman fends off stranger who was harassing her at a bar with genius help of a quick-thinking stranger

Woman fends off stranger who was harassing her at a bar with genius help of a quick-thinking stranger

Word of advice to all you guys trying to pick up ladies at the bar: If you approach a woman and ask if you can buy her a drink and she says no, just keep asking her, over and over again, getting increasingly aggressive. Eventually she'll change her mind! And if she says she has a boyfriend, just keep talking to her. With your Ciceronian oratory skills, you'll quickly convince her to dump that dude and instead run away with Pushy Creep #497.

All right, I'm being sarcastic. But for some guys, that seems to be their thought process. I guess you can chalk it up to how we're conditioned as a society - men to chase women, women to be pursued - and you can probably also chalk it up to guys getting so hammered they act like idiots and can't take no for an answer. It's an uncomfortable situation familiar to most women who've been alone at the bar for longer than ten seconds. But when one young woman in East London found herself getting harassed, she was rescued by a quick-thinking stranger:

Amna Saleem was hanging out at the pub, reading, waiting for her boyfriend to meet her for dinner. Suddenly, a random guy approached her, and asked to buy her a drink. She said no, but he refused to accept that she wasn't interested - even after she informed him that she had a boyfriend. Luckily, Amna was saved by a random woman, who recognized what was happening. Touched, she tweeted the whole interaction:

"guy: ...just one drink
me: no thank you
guy: come on it's just a drink
me: look, i'm sorry I just want to read my book while i wait for my bf
guy: what ur bf doesn't let you have friends?
random woman: Clara? Hi! *hugs* (whispers) u ok?

women are great"

Amna's tweet struck a chord with many people, getting over a thousand comments, a hundred thousand retweets and half a million likes. "I was trying to remain polite so it didn't escalate," said Amna, in an interview about the experience. "But I was getting irritated at which point a lovely woman nearby intervened pretending to be an old friend. [The guy] looked annoyed and awkwardly hung about before finally leaving." She hopes her story will inspire more people to "save" others, adding "I feel like we should look out for each other."

One guy on Twitter asked how men could help out in these situations - without, you know, starting a crazy fistfight. Amna replied that a man could intervene in a couple non-aggressive ways: He could pretend to be her friend, and say "Hey, your girlfriend is looking for you." Also, he could pretend to be her boyfriend and say, "Hey, sorry I'm late!" She added that "it's all in the eyes and tone." Meanwhile, several other Twitter users shared their own reflections, and stories about their experiences:

In perhaps the best story, a man pretended to be the woman's husband, and a decade later, they got married!

Today's dating world can be tricky to navigate, but at least people are looking out for each other. Now, how about I buy you a drink? Come on, it's just a drink! COME ON. IT'S JUST A DRINK.