Woman goes next level after being told she could buy 'anything' with guy's credit card

When you're in a relationship, sometimes you will have a shared bank account (if you are mental), and it can lead to some major issues: "Why did you buy a pair of shoes that are more expensive than our impending rent?", "Do you really think that we needed a pinball table?" and the classic: "I don't care if you're trying to create a 'barbecuzzi', we can't afford a barbeque and a jacuzzi right now!".

However, while you may share you bank details with your significant other, you definitely wouldn't do so with a complete stranger.

Or so you thought.

This is Leagan. Leagan is a smart girl and has her priorities right in life. How do I know that? Because this story proves it. Leagan was recently asked out on a date by a stranger and politely declined. For some reason, Leagan saying "no" wasn't a clear enough indication to this man, and he decided to offer her his credit card and said that she could buy "anything your heart desires", without thinking about the consequences of this statement.

alt Credit: Twitter

Now, for one second, imagine this is you in the situation and a strange man has offered to buy you anything you want. What do you buy? A pizza? Some shoes? Maybe even a holiday? Not Leagan. Leagan picked something much, much cooler and has won the internet with her choice.

alt Credit: Twitter

Yep, that's right. Leagan bought herself a bouncy castle. She bought the one thing we've all wanted to own since we were toddlers and she didn't even have to pay for it. Of course, people were quick to praise Leagan for her brilliant choice, but the guy who gave her his credit card wasn't best pleased for some bizarre reason.

alt Credit: Twitter

He was quick to message Leagan once he received an email saying his card had been used to buy a bouncy castle, saying: "Babe what is this?" (LOL at him still calling her babe after he had been rejected and had his card used).

Leagans response was perfect, "you said anything, right?" Safe to say, he was too impressed with her purchase, saying: "Did you just buy a f***ing bouncy house". Urm, no she didn't, she bought a bouncy CASTLE.

Leagan put the exchange on Twitter, where she said she is going to have a "bouncy castle party funded by the guy that sent me his credit card after I said no to a date" and absolutely everyone wants an invite.

Incredibly, no one seems to think Leagan was wrong in what she did, probably because the guy did seem like a bit of a jerk. I wonder if he will get the invite to the party? I mean, after all he is paying for it.

In all seriousness, if there's a lesson to take home from this, it's that if you get turned down, don't try and blackmail someone with money - you might end up paying for something you don't want to.