Woman posts hilariously honest ad for a boyfriend on Facebook

Woman posts hilariously honest ad for a boyfriend on Facebook

The world of dating is a strange and confusing place. Now, there are so many apps and avenues that you can use to potentially find The One, that it is easy to become overawed by the whole thing.

It can quite often be hard to believe that people used to physically meet each other before going on a date. While it is now common for couples to form on Tinder, it used to be that you met someone in a bar, club or somewhere else. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have changed that game and have also brought in new and confusing dating terms such as ghosting, micro cheating and sidebarring.

Such is the intimidating nature of the online dating scene, some people have now taken matters into their own hands and are using less-than-conventional methods to find their beau.

Rachel Salisbury Credit: Rachel Salisbury/Facebook

Meet Rachel Salisbury, an actor and writer who has taken to Facebook in order to bag herself a boyfriend. Rachel claims that she was inspired by her friend Katie, who met her husband by doing the same thing just a few years ago.

On her personal profile Rachel posted an advert for a boyfriend, which you can read below:

"Ok guys. This is probably the scariest post I’ve ever written but here goes. I, Rachel Salisbury, would like a boyfriend.

"I have been inspired to write this because someone I know wrote a post like this a few years ago and is now engaged (thank you Katie Brennan!). So I thought – right. Online dating is such a pain and I can’t quite force myself to use the apps. And in the olden days people did a bit of match-making for their friends (as my mum constantly reminds me). So here I go – I’m putting myself out there."

Rachel Salisbury Credit: Facebook/Rachel Salisbury

"I am an actor and a writer and I work on a box office and I run kid’s parties (phew!) I love theatre and films and music and books. I love singing and dancing (but not in a musical theatre way) and spending time with friends and my family and laughing and having interesting chats. I flatter myself I’m quite funny (RIGHT GUYS?).

"I try very hard to be a good person and am in general day to day in a pretty sunny mood. I’m a vegan and a socialist and a feminist and am very passionate about the above. I also lovesss to cook and bake and I love being in nature!"

Rachel Salisbury Credit: Rachel Salisbury/Facebook

"I am looking for… ideally… a) someone who’s got their sh*t together. Can’t be doing with flakiness or unreliability b) someone interested/involved in the arts in some way c) someone who’s generous and kind and warm and shiny and positive and happy to be silly and funny and have a great old time.

"If you have any friends and you think me and him would get on, drop me a message! I’ve attached some pics of my FACE.

"KTHANKSBYE *runs and hides in the corner of the room rocking* *awaits tumbleweed* *ripme*"

Rachel Salisbury Credit: Rachel Salisbury/Facebook

While Rachel's method of dating may be unconventional, it does have its benefits. Meeting people through friends is ideal, as it allows you to find out more about them, you already no their friends and you can have a good stalk of their profile when they land in your DM's.

Who knows, maybe Rachel is about to change the dating game forever?