Woman threatens to abort baby if her pregnancy announcement doesn't get 4K RTs

Woman threatens to abort baby if her pregnancy announcement doesn't get 4K RTs

Social media is great for some things, like finding breaking news stories instantly or stalking old school mates and comparing the many ways in which your life is so much better/worse than theirs.

However, it is also and incredibly messed up place at times, and nothing drills this message home quite like this news story, which will leave you looking something like this:

The_Rock_Confused_Face Credit: Giphy

Pregnancy and social media seem to go arm in arm these days, as we see more and more "mommy" vloggers, bloggers and influencers appearing on our screens. While most of these women tell hilarious stories of their pregnancy, or use adorable photos of their baby to draw in the likes and comments, one mom-to-be used a slightly more unconventional method to get herself noticed, but boy did it work.

Get ready for this, readers, cos it's seriously messed up.

A young woman has gone viral on Twitter after she posted a photo of herself online, claiming she's four months pregnant and writing: "4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won't abort it."

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has exploded. The strange tweet has gone viral and Twitter users were quick to jump in and attack the woman for it, saying that she is not fit to be a mother amongst a barrage of other insults.

Others were quick to defend the woman in question, telling the abusers to let her live her own life how she wants to.

Things then took a serious turn for the bizarre (as if this wasn't weird enough already), when the "father" of the "child" appeared in the thread claiming that he never knew about the child, and what followed is perhaps the most bizarre, but funniest, interactions ever seen on Twitter.

Twitter_Exchange Credit: Twitter

Not done there, it gets even weirder. Another woman enters the exchange, also claiming to have been impregnated by this man, and the trio get caught in one of the strangest love triangles to have ever existed. Obviously, we can't confirm that anything that is happening on this thread is real. But one thing is for sure, this woman's "pregnancy announcement" gave birth to what many are calling "the greatest thread of all time".


Twitter_Exchange_2 Credit: Twitter

Here is the full thread for you to take in, it's like a glorious episode of Jerry Springer unfolding right in front of your very eyes.

If, like me, you love gossip so much that you read the entire thread, you probably have a lot of questions, right? Don't worry, you're not alone; plenty of people have been left puzzled by the exchange.

I dunno, bro! I just want to know if these people are for real or are they fake. Do I want this to be real? I don't know. But then, I don't know if I want it to be fake either because it's so mental? What is going on with the internet? Why is everyone constantly trolling each other?