Woman's letter to her husband's mistress is going viral for a hilarious reason

Woman's letter to her husband's mistress is going viral for a hilarious reason

It can't be easy to find out that your other half has been cheating on you. Just imagine: you spend months, maybe even years, building a meaningful relationship with another person, falling in love with them, changing your life to better suit their wants and needs... only to find out that they've been getting it on with the neighbour behind your back.

How would you deal with that? Would you dump them right then and there, leaving them to pick up all their clothes from the front lawn after you've inevitably chucked them out of the window? Or would you try to rebuild things, and hope that it was just a one-off mistake?

Even once you'd decided what to do about the situation, of course, there's still another factor to take into account: the other person in the equation. You'd have to say something to them, right?

Well, that's exactly what one woman from London decided to do recently after finding out that her husband had been playing away from home - but her reaction was probably not what most people would expect.

man and woman sitting together Credit: Pexels

Earlier this week, Twitter user Eddie Frankel posted a picture of a note he'd spotted left outside someone's house. It said, in block capitals, "EMILIA NO.36 [REDACTED] ROAD PLEASE STOP SLEEPING WITH MY HUSBAND."

That's right: there was no hair-pulling, no name-calling, no "your mum" insults. Just a polite request from one woman to another to "please" stop knocking boots with her husband.

And everyone loved it.

"This is the most English thing I’ve ever seen," one woman wrote. "As an Italian, I would have already found her and shouted at her."

"This is the most polite drama I have ever seen," added another.

Meanwhile, someone else commented that this was not the first time he had witnessed a note of this sort in the same area.

"North London goes *all in* for this sort of bonkersness," the Twitter user explained. "Last time I was in Finsbury Park someone handed me an A4 sheet that just explained in ALL CAPS that someone had ACCUSED HIM OF BEING A PIMP and now his CLOTHING SHOP WAS IN JEOPARDY and wasn't this AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE."

Of course, it's really sad that this woman's husband cheated on her - especially as she's clearly quite a nice person. Almost anyone else in her situation would have plotted the ultimate revenge (perhaps a flaming dog poo bag or a slashed tire), but she just settled for a simple note with a polite request.

Maybe the polite woman's husband will learn his lesson, maybe he won't. Maybe Emilia will learn to keep her mitts off of married men, maybe she won't.

But you know what's for certain? There's a lady out there in Walthamstow with access to a printer and a penchant for size 72 fonts, and dammit she ain't afraid use 'em. So if her husband is thinking of fooling around with someone else again, he'd better be aware of the consequences.