Social media 'stars' we all despise with every inch of our being

Social media 'stars' we all despise with every inch of our being

Why do we go on social media? That's the million dollar question these days. Whereas before, logging onto Facebook or Instagram used to be a relaxing detour into the online world, nowadays it's rife with stress at every twist and turn. Why, you ask? It can all be put down to the social media stars on our newsfeeds who make our casual scrolling a whole lot more eventful.

You could say they are the people we love to hate - and you'd be right. But whether they're busy over sharing, destroying the latest episode of our favourite TV show or posting self-indulgent photo after self-indulgent photo, we can't stand them (but love them really). So in the spirit of good fun, join us as we go through 11 social media stars who drive us crazy - but who we still stalk at any given opportunity.

1. Over-sharenting

Everyone has, at the very least, 16 excessively proud mums or dads, on their Facebook news feed at any given moment. As happy as we are for them and as adorable as their kids’ bath times and potty pictures are, the root of the matter is that we don’t find little Mila’s nappy rash quite as interesting as them. And we never will - until we post our own pregnancy announcement, that is.

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2. People who post inspirational quotes

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that quotes like these help you to feel more positive about things, but buddy, you gotta stop posting them. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” “Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like no one’s watching.” "It's not the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.” Get lost.

3. Selfie fanatics

Facebook, and Instagram are practically overrun with social media stars who post selfie after selfie these days and it’s wearing on our patience a little. No one minds a cheeky picture once in a while, but posting one every single day is more than a little much. Oh also, it’s possible you could have a Psychopathic Personality Disorder, so you might want to sort that out.

4. The person who ruined the latest Game of Thrones episode for you

Screw all the rest of them, this person is about 1,209,257 times more infuriating than the rest of them. They deserve to be personally victimised by the White Walker Night King. Or to be double teamed in the ring by The Mountain and The Hound. Or  to get eaten alive by the same starving dogs that went for Ramsay Bolton. Whichever is fine by me, preferably the most painful.

5. Budding politicians

People get rather het up when election time roles around and/or Donald Trump posts anything on Twitter. This is completely fair; we live in a society which values free speech and Trump puts his foot in his mouth more often than he redoes his fake tan, so please, tell me all about your opinions. But don’t subject me to a dissertation long rant and don’t do it every week.

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6. Overly devoted couples

Excessive love-dovey posts on each other’s walls. Never ending make out selfies. Publicly celebrating their one month anniversary. No no no no no.

7. The person who isn’t okay but won’t tell you why

The classic “feeling a bit down today” status is inevitably followed by a whole host of “What’s up?” And “Hope you’re okays” from the caring people of the internet. What could have been a beautiful moment is instead crushed the moment the person puts “don’t worry” or “I’d rather not say”. Honestly, one of the most downright frustrating reoccurring instances to ever happen on social media.

8. The constant holidaymaker

When we’re sitting at our desks on a rainy Monday morning, there is truly nothing worse than seeing a post from that person who went travelling around to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos when they finished university, decided on a whim to hit up a bit of India and Nepal and is currently living the high life on the Australian beaches. Who are you and can you please share the pot of gold you miraculously discovered after graduation.

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9. The one who falls for every hoax out there

Delta Airlines gives away one free flight to everyone who signs up in your dreams, not in reality. It’s a virus, quit falling for it.

10. The one who asks for money for ridiculous things

No matter how many begging videos you post, I will not donate to your vacation to Greece, your 50 grand a year drama school or your mission to read your own poetry to people in South America. I just won’t.

11. The perpetual hash tagger

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So, what do you think? Should we give up social media for good? Probably not, we love moaning about these people far too much. Keep on doing what you’re doing guys, you truly do make all of our extra curricular stalking worth it. Besides, things can get real nasty when people are shamed on the internet.