Someone made an 'unspirational' Instagram account for people who hate inspirational quotes

Someone made an 'unspirational' Instagram account for people who hate inspirational quotes

We all have different methods of dealing with feeling down. Some of us like to snuggle up with a good movie, others prefer going out and getting some fresh air, and many of us resort to the good old-fashioned method of 'just eat whatever you can find in the fridge until you forget why you were sad'.

However, I refuse to believe that anybody finds comfort in 'inspirational' posts. 'Everything happens for a reason' does nothing for me when the vending machine has swallowed my last coin, 'dance like nobody's watching' isn't going to change the fact that I move with all the grace of a drunk sumo wrestler, and 'be your best self' doesn't help much when my best self just wants to listen to bad nineties music and maybe take a nap. If anything, inspirational quotes make me feel worse.

That's where 'unspirational' quotes come in - the Instagram account that eschews the conventional 'positive' message in favour of something much more realistic. Take a read through these, and tell me they don't make you feel better.

1. I mean, you can't really fault the logic here

3. I'd say try again after lunch, but let's be real - it's not happening

4. Some? ALL

5. Love and hugs are good and all, but so are iPhones and fancy dinners

6. Keeping it real

7. My tear ducts get more of a workout than my biceps


9. Punctuation is key

10. #inspirationalquotes #livelaughlove #beyourbestself

11. Now THIS is what you need hanging on your wall

12. Really, what I'm trying to say is

So next time you're feeling a blue spell coming on, take a read through a couple of these and remind yourself of the humorous side of things. Just don't go getting them tattooed on your body, ok?