Stranger's response to pretentious vandalism in bathroom stall is perfect 

Stranger's response to pretentious vandalism in bathroom stall is perfect 

Graffiti, you either love it or you hate it, right?

Whatever you think of it, there's no hiding from it. Whether it is massive pieces of insane art adorned on the walls of buildings, or just simple tagging, graffiti is everywhere. One place where graffiti is particularly prevalent, is toilets. Go into any rest room in a bar/pub/restaurant/cinema and you no doubt find some form of witty graffiti.

Credit: Funny or die

Usually the jokes are pretty low-brow, with a classic being "Call [INSERT MOBILE NUMBER] for hot sex now!", or simply "I'm watching you".

It's a far-cry from the politically charged graffiti that grew from the Bronx in the 1980's and helped form the basis of hip-hop culture as we know it now, but it still can be just as interesting, if not sometimes slightly weird. The graffiti that we find in places like this, usually give us a more entertainment than they should.

A prime example of this would be when you're out on a first date and nip to the bathroom, excusing yourself from your date. However, once you start going, you notice a hilarious exchange of graffiti on the wall of the cubicle and end up sitting/standing there for five minutes reading through the insane amount of quotes and jokes. Before you know it, you're sheepishly walking out of the bathroom having been gone for 5 - 10 minutes, and your date is instantly a bit more unattracted to you.

However, one example of when bathroom graffiti got it absolutely spot on, is the example below. Someone, who was using a black sharpie, decided to get a bit more deep than is required in a public bathroom, scribbling a classic quote on the white wall, saying:

Deep Quote Graffiti Credit: Imgur

"We buy things we don't need

"With money we don't have

"To impress People we don't like"

While they were no doubt onto something in terms of the way we all flex and present ourselves on social media, it's not really the sort of deep-thought-inducing quotation that you really want to be dealing with when you're a bit merry and using the toilet.

I always wonder with quotes like this, who has taken it upon themselves to write it? Like, who thinks that is what I want to be reading when I'm using the bathroom? Why do I want to be thinking about the ways in which the world works? Unsurprisingly, another user of the bathroom was less than impressed with the deep and meaningful quote, and clapped back with an amazing response.

Graffiti response Credit: Imgur

"We vandalize things that aren't ours

"With quotes we didn't write

"To impress people taking s**ts"

Pretty fair that they shut down the black-penned vigilante there. Drunken bathroom graffiti is the best, the beauty in it is that these people have no idea who each other is, but have had a conversation that will entertain people for weeks, until it is eventually cleared off and replaced with another low-brow sex joke.