The heartwarming moment Eritrean refugees see snow for the first time

The heartwarming moment Eritrean refugees see snow for the first time

The best moments in life are often the simplest. Whether that involves falling asleep with the love of your life, laughing so hard that you cry, or, as was recently the case for two refugee children, seeing snow for the first time. The touching moment was captured on film by their sponsor Rebecca Davies, who helped them move from a refugee camp in Sudan to Canada.

The children, along with their mother and two younger brothers, had spent the past five years in the camp after their mom fled their conflict-ridden home of Eritrea, North Africa, in 2013. And it was Davies' help through the private Ripple Refugee Project which finally turned their lives around, giving all five members of this family a much-needed fresh start.

This is the children's delirious reaction to seeing snow just 48 hours after arriving in Canada: 

After filming the seven-year-old girl and her five-year-old brother, Davies posted the heartwarming footage to Twitter where it quickly went viral, eventually capturing the attention of none other than Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

In response to the video, which had been viewed over two million times as of Monday evening, Trudeau tweeted, "Amazing - now convince them that shoveling is fun and you're all set. Thank you for everything you do, Rebecca. #WelcomeToCanada"

Credit: Twitter / @JustinTrudeau

Trudeau, however, was far from the only person to be touched by the video and welcome the children to Canada.

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While it's all too easy for people in the Western world to adopt an 'out of sight out of mind' approach to the refugee crisis, unless we band together to create a sustainable solution, it's here to stay, and shocking pictures like that of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, whose body was photographed on a beach in September 2015, will become even more commonplace.

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That's why the actions of people like Davies are so important. Rather than flooding the media with pictures of refugees crammed together like sardines in oversized boats, perhaps we should share more content like the video above, reminding even the most heartless of people that refugees are human just like you and I and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

After all, while many bigoted people in the West falsely assume that we are being "overrun" by refugees, in reality, of the tens of millions of people who have been displaced by conflict, nine out of ten are sheltered by developing countries.

To find out more about the organization which helped save the children, visit the Ripple Refugee Project's website here.