This class has already won senior year with the most extra ID cards in history

This class has already won senior year with the most extra ID cards in history

The most memorable time you'll spend in high school is arguably senior year. Your days as an almost grown-up are numbered and the adult world (whether that's college or your first real job) is just around the corner. So it really is your last chance to enjoy being young and relatively carefree - even if you're bogged down with exams and an uncertain future.

Thankfully, there are lots of things to keep your mind off the stress of senior year. There is, of course, planning for your all-important prom. What will you wear? And, more importantly, will you manage to bag yourself a date for the occasion? Then there's your yearbook and having get a cute picture and, naturally, picking out the wittiest of farewell quotes.

One senior class, however, got the party started a little early, and in preparation for senior year, dressed up for the most extra student ID pictures you'll ever see. They're so impressive that, quite frankly, I want to go back to high school.

1. Me? About to graduate? HELL YEAH!

Credit: Twitter / @sydneyg1

Senior year, like life, is full of surprises.

2. You can't be disappointed if you have low expectations

Credit: Twitter / @Molly_deighton

Molly's guaranteed to surprise herself now.

3. "Sitting in ma office with a plate of grilled bacon..."

Credit: Twitter / @serena_senawi

That's one way to prepare for spending the next 40 years of your life in an office.

4. Well, your senior year is extra important if you want to go to Harvard

Credit: Twitter / @__alexisk__

I wonder if she'll do the "bend and snap" at prom!

5. Accepting that you're going to prom alone early

Credit: Twitter / @nyah_108

Whatever. At least she'll be single and ready to mingle with the hot college guys when the time comes.

6. She has no idea what she wants to do with her future

Credit: Twitter / @fallyn329

But hey, at least she's smiling through the pain.

7. She's got this

Credit: Twitter / @jordyn_kravitz

She hopes.

8. Armed and ready to slay senior year

Credit: Twitter / @OliviaaMillerr5

Even if that means beating up anyone who dares give her less than a 4.0.

9. The leader of the Resistance is here

Credit: Twitter / @GwynWatson_

She will not surrender to the dark side and get too stressed out by senior year.

10. This girl is going places

Credit: Twitter / @kastafford1230

Nailed it.

11. Ms. Frizzle is driving like a boss into senior year

Credit: Twitter / @Erinsa19

Now that's what I call a look of absolute confidence.

12. That stare is on point

Credit: Twitter / @elwell_erik

"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so I thank you."

13. Everything is going to be a-okay

Credit: Twitter / @Alli_Van1

Even if she has no idea what college she wants to go to yet.

14. Being as extra as TP for her senior year

Credit: Twitter / @mhines42_

Let's just hope that she doesn't cause a misunderstanding as big as the one Tiffany caused in the Big Brother house... "David's DEAD."

15. When you're young, you don't really know what love is

Credit: Twitter / @glasser_dan

So just love lamp. Anchorman style.

16. Colonel Sanders is ready. Complete with a chicken!

Credit: Twitter / @emilyyeahr

"I've only had two rules: Do all you can and do it the best you can."

17. Lilo's got a lot of growing up to do before graduation

Credit: Twitter / @aalysonfaith

But at least her family will be there to see her through it.

18. She never got her Hogwarts letter, but that hasn't stopped her...

Credit: Twitter / @v_boyadjian

Let's just hope that she has a less dramatic senior year than Harry Potter.

19. Glam and (almost) ready for college

Credit: Twitter / @alaxa_hallx

If she works hard enough, one day she could literally have breakfast at Tiffany's.

20. If something goes wrong in senior year, remember Bob's wise words...

Credit: Twitter / @LilyHarmon36K

In fact, they're words that will help you for the rest of your life. Life isn't perfect and you'll be happier the sooner you accept it.

21. Now that's what I call a throwback

Credit: Twitter / @MKashat_

I really hope that the Rock saw this ID card.

22. Please wear the goggles to prom

Credit: Twitter / @thekbear01

Seriously, dude. If you don't get a date, you to do it. No excuses.

23. Some people are just surprised they got this far

Credit: Twitter / @__mommacee

I'm rooting for you to graduate, Cece.

24. Good prep for working in a burger joint at college

Credit: Twitter / @justinmayz


25. Hopefully, that fear will motivate her...

Credit: Twitter / @Jordanmarie_123

But hey, you don't need any specific qualifications to become a talk show host like Wendy Williams.

26. You might not think you're worthy, but you made it to senior year, girls!

Credit: Twitter / @erika_rust

And if you work hard, you'll make it to college and/or a great first job.

27. Classic

Credit: Twitter / @twcircut

It's impossible not to look cute with the dog filter.

28. Sometimes simplicity gets you the most points

Credit: Twitter / Claudiac0302

If only Claudia had actually used her right foot...

So who are the legendary students behind these epic ID cards? Well, it's the seniors of North Farmington High School, Detriot, and if their creativity here is anything to go by, they've all got very bright futures ahead of them!