"Tinder pensioner" who wants to legally change age compares himself to transgender community

"Tinder pensioner" who wants to legally change age compares himself to transgender community

Age - and more specifically the process of aging - is a bit of a tricky subject, despite the fact it's something that happens to every single one of us. From the moment we're born until the very end of our lives, our bodies are gradually getting older. But while aging may seem like a pretty daunting process, it's the most natural thing in the world.

In spite of this, those who cannot deal with their maturing appearance may try to halt the aging process by shelling out thousands on cosmetic procedures. But have you ever heard of someone who, rather than changing how old they appear, wants to have their age legally changed to match their "real identity"? Probably not, but it's now happening. Seriously.

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Well, apparently it's a thing - for Dutch-born Emile Ratelband, anyway. Yes, he has recently made a big name for himself in the media by entering into a high profile legal battle to be recognized as a 49-year-old - despite the fact he's actually 69.

And why does Ratelband want to legally change his age? He thinks he'll get a more favorable response on Tinder if he does. The Dutchman appeared on British daytime show, Good Morning Britain, to explain his case, referring to himself as "age-fluid".

Take a look at what Ratelband had to say for himself on the show:

"You can't change the fact of the date you were born," presenter Susanna Reid told Ratelband.

"You can be born as a small girl and as beautiful as you are you could say 'I feel like a man I want to have a d*ck'," Emile responded before Reid's co-host Piers Morgan condemned his foul language.

Ratelband did apologize to viewers for his remarks, as Reid and Morgan reacted to his colorful language with evident discomfort.

Many viewers subsequently headed to Twitter to weigh in on the debate, and a number of them went on to say that Ratelband's argument concerning his age is "ridiculous" - one even calling him a "total idiot".

"No way it's uncomfortable that a guy wants to do this isn't a bit weird why would he is it to get a younger lady or hide his identity of being found for a criminal act etc it's wrong in every way ffs why is this world coming too [sic]," one viewer wrote.

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"It's wrong it's deceit [sic], I'm 49 and I wouldn't look at him if I was single, no matter what he calls himself he looks in his 60's [sic], if I had looked at him thinking he was my age and then found out he was 69 I would be furious!" another added.

Of course, as ever, the internet is incredibly divided on the issue and not everyone is deadset against Ratelband's views on age. One commenter said considering "age is just a number" you should be able to do whatever you want with it.

"In the age of self-identifying, you can do anything," another person wrote. "The man's a legend!!!!! Be more like Emile!"

Others joked that if Ratelband was legally given the right to change his age, underage drinkers should be allowed to do the same.

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"Haha Can't believe this is even a debate," another commenter chimed in. "Dudes [sic] pretty funny tho. Just hope my 12-year-old doesn't start identifying as 18 so she can buy alcohol."

"Just sent my 10-year-old to bargain booze for some cans cause he identifies older than myself???" a second person remarked.

"My 10 year old wants to identify as a 22-year-old. Should I take him for a pint?" a third added.

Do we have the right to legally change our age so that it's tune with how we feel on the inside? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.