17 confessions from flight attendants that may put you off flying

17 confessions from flight attendants that may put you off flying

Flying can be an uncomfortable experience at the best of times, and at the worst downright terrifying.

There is something eerily unnatural about hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour in something akin to a long and slightly cramped tube, and flying undoubtedly brings out the worst of humanity.

Perhaps it is the perpetual stress of arriving on time, queuing for hours to drop one's bags off and shuffle through security, possibly it is the slightly over-zealous stag party standing behind you chanting ceaseless nonsense about unspecified indignities. Either way, before one even clambers aboard the plane, flying is a demanding and tiring pursuit.

Once you are settled on your seat and the frankly terrifying white knuckle rig-moral of taking off is complete, though, the harrowing details of life aboard a plane are sure to amaze and astonish. Here, then, are 22 confessions from flight attendants that might put you off the whole institution for life.

1. If you thought planes were deep cleaned between flights, think again

Aeroplanes are deep cleaned roughly once a month, though a cursory tidy up is conducted between trips.

aeroplane cabin Credit: Getty

2. People genuinely do attempt to 'go to the bathroom together' on occasion

Not on every flight by any means, though people who do it should know that is ridiculously unhygenic.

Couple exit aeroplane bathroom Credit: Getty

3. The sounds of kids crying will never leave you

It will pierce through your soul.

Child crying Credit: Getty

4. Crew members often have relationships

It happens all the time.

Pilot and flight attendant walk through airport Credit: Getty

5. Several airlines offer occassional free flights for crew members

And others provide discounted rates.

Flight attendant waiting at the airport Credit: Getty

6. Those earbuds aren't new

They are reused. Even if you get them from a resealable bag.

Child with aeroplane earbuds Credit: Getty

7. Oh and the blankets? They're re-used, too

Washed, but not brand new by any means.

Man asleep with blanket on aeroplane Credit: Getty

8. The 'brace' positions advised by airlines are actually meant to protect you, rather than quicken your death as some believe

brace position seat card

9. The water tank that your hot water for tea and coffee comes from? It's not cleaned that often

Whenever someone remembers it needs doing, basically.

Coffee served on an aeroplane Credit: Getty

10. There is food waste on pretty much every flight 

Aeroplane food Credit: Getty

11. If you're going to be drunk, be a nice drunk

Otherwise security will be waiting for you when you land.

Aeroplane security escorting passenger Credit: Getty

12. Outside of widely used signals, crew members don't use secret codes to communicate 

Aeroplane safety demonstration Credit: Getty

13. Crew members might have different romantic interests in different cities

Businessman hands passport to check in Credit: Getty

14. There's no upper limit on snack allowance, unless you are rude and ungrateful 

Just be polite.

Aeroplane snacks Credit: Getty

15. People leave their bags behind surprisingly often

Despite the reminders to take all belongings with you.

Lost luggage Credit: Getty

16. Passengers hit on crew members less than you might think

Britney Spears Toxic music video

17. It is definitely possible to get a seat upgrade

If you ask in the right way.

Business Class passenger Credit: Getty

17 facts that might well change the way you view airplane travel for good. Don't be too put off, though, just work on your seat upgrade request technique and you'll be flying like the rich and famous in no time.