This guy broke into an abandoned $10 million mansion in Italy

There's something fascinating about abandoned buildings, isn't there? There's an element of mystery surrounding them; what purpose did the building serve? Who lived there? Why has it been left abandoned? What monstrosity went on inside of its walls that no one has ever dared to venture back. It's undeniable that whenever you see an abandoned building, you automatically think it is haunted. I remember there was an abandoned asylum near my university, everyday I woke up and could see it from my bedroom. One day, I decide to venture in and take a look around; I put one foot through the window, heard a noise, and ran away quicker than the speed of light.

alt Credit: YouTube

However, unlike me, some people aren't complete scaredy cats and are more than happy to venture into abandoned buildings. While I would live in fear of the building collapsing on top of me, a ghost existing inside its walls, or someone completely insane living there, these people are completely fearless. One such person, is Exploring With Josh, a YouTuber with millions of subscribers, who spends his time exploring abandoned buildings and filming it.

Backpacking through Europe with his friends, Josh discovers an abandoned mansion in Italy that he is desperate to explore. Despite there being no English information about the property, Josh manages to find out a bit about the history of the building before he goes in, saying:

“There’s not any English information on this mansions whatsoever, the mansion was built in 1877 by an Italian count, they left in 1930 to a new property”

alt Credit: YouTube

“During the second world war it was occupied as a shelter and command post, 1945 sold to a doctor, 2004 sold to a business man who promised to invest €10 million euros but just left it.”

Once Josh and his friends enter the property, what they find is absolutely astonishing. Heading down into the property's basement, Josh finds hundreds of bottles of wine that are fermenting inside. Given the vast amount of bottles in the basement, Josh concludes that the house must've formally been used for wine making, with there also being a bar next to the wine room.

After exploring the series of tunnels in the basement, Josh and his pals begin travelling through the rest of the property, marvelling at the cathedral-like high ceilings with incredible artwork on them. Despite having been to many abandoned places during his time exploring, Josh says that he has never seen anywhere like this before and describes the building as "something you would see in movie". While in awe of the grandeur of the building, however, he is visibly annoyed at the mistreatment of the property by several other explorers who have damaged its interior.

It's pretty incredible footage and it is astounding that a building as beautiful as this has been left to decay for as long as it has. Given the amount of attention the video has been getting, don't be surprised to see someone snap up the house and return it to its former glories.