Here's the secret code flight attendants use to talk about hot passengers

Here's the secret code flight attendants use to talk about hot passengers

When I was in high school, I remember that there was a vicious rumour that exam invigilators would play games with the students. Legend has it that all the invigilators would stand at the front and then walk into the sea of desks and stand by whichever kid they thought was the ugliest or dumbest. The kid would just think that they were coming over to check that they were getting on with the exam alright, but unbeknownst to them, they were in fact on the receiving end of the cruellest type of bullying.

While this hearsay was never confirmed by any of the invigilators or teachers themselves, in fact, it was often unequivocally denied by the majority of them, you couldn't help but believe that there was definitely an element of truth to it. But while my teachers denied that they use to play such a judgemental game, it turns out flight attendants also partake in a spot of fun when we're on all on a plane together.

According to one former flight attendant, staff on planes have a secret code which they use to reveal to their colleagues when a certain passenger has taken their fancy. Rather than being open about who the passenger is in front of everyone and potentially embarrassing themselves, they will use a particular phrase to express their admiration for the passenger in question.

For example, if a flight attendant was to think that the passenger in seat number 6F was hot, they would say that they are thinking about doing "Six days in France." Get it? 6 days in France... 6F.

The secret was divulged by a former flight attended on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Kiis 1065, in Australia. On the show, Jackie decided to ask if the flight attendants use a code to talk about ‘hot' passengers without them knowing. James, the former airline worker who was a guest on the show, was more than happy to elaborate on the code:"We do… because obviously when we’re in the cabin and we’re getting the drinks we can’t be like, ‘oh doll, check out him…’

"You have to be subtle about it," Jackie suggested.

Her co-host, Kyle asked: "Do you say like ‘G3 really hot dude, or have you got something else?"

James, who must be breaking some unwritten rule by divulging this information, continued to dish the dirt, with him saying: "Well that’s really obvious! Because everyone knows their seat numbers, so we’re on the cart and he’ll be like, ‘I’m thinking of doing seven days in America… being ‘seat 7A’  And I’ll be like, ‘yeah, I could do seven days in America!’

"‘Or like, six days in Denmark... (seat 6D)?’"

Next time you're on a plane and you hear the flight attendants discussing where they're going to be going on their holidays, be sure to eavesdrop as they may be talking about how they're crushing on you or somebody else on the flight. Still, even if their holiday matches your seat number, I wouldn't call them out on it - they might just be going to Denmark for six days.