Here's how to visit all of Europe's best cities in one trip for less than $500

Here's how to visit all of Europe's best cities in one trip for less than $500

Welcome to Europe, a place of incredible history, fantastic food, great weather and, unfortunately, the United Kingdom. While the UK is currently a bit of a stain on Europe due to the fact that we recently threw our toys out of the pram and asked to leave the EU while also wanting to keep all of the rights that we have as a member, the rest of the continent is pretty lovely.

As residents of Europe, us Brits take the continent for granted. While we may moan about the price of travel in our own country, we are in a lucky position whereby we can jet off to some stunning locations around Europe for pretty small amounts of cash. In light of this privilege, we thought we'd show you guys how to get around Europe on a shoe-string budget if you fancy coming to visit us.

London, UK - Brussels, Belgium

Price: $20 - $35

Time: Six hours, 25 minutes.

Things to do: Indulge in delicious chocolate, waffles and fries as well as some of the best beer on the planet.

Brussels - Luxembourg City

Price: $28 - $30

Time: Eight Hours, 40 minutes

Things to do: Check out the 10.5 miles of underground caves that were used as transportation routes to the city's castles and take in some of the incredible architecture the city has.

Luxembourg - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: $24 - $40

Time: Six hours, 40 minutes

Things to do: Be sure to people-watch in the red light district, get a canal boat tour and, of course, hire a bike.

Amsterdam - Copenhagen, Denmark

Price: $49 - $53

Time: 12 hours

Things to do: Enjoy walks along the canal and visit the Tivoli Gardens, an old-fashioned amusement park with meticulously landscaped gardens.

Copenhagen - Berlin, Germany

Price: $20 - $35

Time: Seven hours, 55 minutes.

Things to do: Check out the brutalist architecture, Berlin wall and copious art galleries. Also, try (and fail) to get into Berghain.

Berlin - Warsaw, Poland

Price: $20 - $23

Time: Eight hours, 34 minutes

Things to do: Walk the cobblestone drinks and enjoy the cheap vodka - be warned, it will knock you out.

Warsaw - Prague, Czech Republic

Price: $30 - $38

Time: Nine hours, 20 minutes

Things to do: Walk across the Charles Bridge and, of course, drink loads and loads of beer.

Prague - Vienna, Austria

Price: $16 - $22

Time: Three hours, 55 minutes

Things to do: Take a look at some of the most incredible palaces in the world and be sure to catch an opera performance.

Vienna - Bratislava, Slovakia

Price: $5 - $7

Time: 49 minutes

Things to do: Enjoy some of the food in one of Europe's best-kept secrets and take in some colourful, old architecture.

Bratislava - Budapest, Hungary

Price: $13 - $28 

Time: Three house, 45 minutes

Things to do: Take time to relax your tired limbs in one of the city's various thermal hot baths.

Budapest - Zagreb, Croatia

Price: $20 - $26

Time: Five hours

Things to do: Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships - an exhibition of stories a memento from failed romances.

Zagreb - Rome, Italy

Price: $50 - $65

Time: 20 hours, 15 minutes

Things to do: Take a look at the Colosseum, browse the markets and, of course, eat your body weight in pizza and pasta.

Rome - Bern, Switzerland

Price: $59 - 60

Time: 19 hours, 25 minutes

Things to do: Visit the BearPark and walk to the Aare River, a spot where you can watch the animals playing on a grassy hillside and bathing in the river.

Bern - Paris, France

Price: $37 - $46

Time: 13 hours, 45 minutes

Things to do: Take a metro to the Eiffel Tower and walk to the Notre-Dame. Also, do not go to Disneyland. Get some culture.

Paris - London, UK

Price: $27 - $32

Time: Seven hours, 30 minutes

Things to do: Cry that your euro trip is over, enjoy grey skies and polluted air. But no, seriously, London is a great city with plenty to offer. Hitch a ride on a route master, enjoy an authentic curry and visit the multitude of tourist spots that the city has to offer.

So there you have it, travel around Europe on less than $500. Given the tensions across the world at the moment, how could you say no to a spot of pizza on the cobbled streets of Rome?