This lucky couple are actually paid to have sex in luxury hotels across Australia

This lucky couple are actually paid to have sex in luxury hotels across Australia

If you thought the best job in the world would be to become a waterslide tester or ice-cream flavour inventor, think again my friend - because you probably didn't even know this dream job existed.

Imagine you're loved up and happy in your relationship, and then someone offers you money to stay at various luxury hotels across the absolute stunner of a country that is Australia, all for the cost of having to document what it's like to have sex there.

Yup, it's a thing, and a couple from Melbourne, Australia was lucky enough to win a competition that would pay them to do just that. Jessica D'Argent, 23, and her boyfriend Justin Engelke, 26, spent two weeks travelling across the country, visiting different boutique hotels and documenting their sexual escapades for an erotic travel blog called Places of Intimacy.

They were one of five couples chosen from around the world to contribute to the website, which was started by condom company SKYN. "SKYN sent real couples around the world to get inspired by colors, textures, scents, sounds, sensations, and find the best places to get intimate," it is stated on Places of Intimacy. The reviews have also been turned into a book.

"From balconies to bathtubs, sofas to hallways, Skyn's Intimacy Guide uses real life intimate experiences to inform readers about the best places to go to 'get it on'."

Jessica and Justine have been together for six years, and they spent 14 nights at luxurious inner-city hotels and tropical bungalows in Syndey, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Tasmania and Western Australia. And how was it? Well, we'll let their reviews speak for themselves...

"On closing the door to the room I ran to the stairs to look up to our bed, but he caught me before I reached the top step," Jessica wrote about their stay at The VDL in Tasmania. "The moment was thrilling. He pushed me against the stone wall, and we celebrated finding ourselves in this end of the world spot."

couple paid around world to have sex in hotels Credit: Places of Intimacy

It sounded like Justin preferred The Atlantic in Byron Bay though, based on his summary:

"The highlight of our room was the broad terrace that boasted a large outdoor rainfall shower head and swing chair hanging from the roof. The chair was a perfect height, and an invitation for us: bathed in sunlight, I lifted Jess into the seat and gently massaged away the journey, gently caressing her, making sure I matched the swinging motion of the suspended chair-" err and okay I'll stop right there because I'm starting to feel a little awkward reading this at work.

Justin insisted to Daily Mail Australia that the reviews weren't entirely erotic, joking: "Just to be clear, we weren't only writing about our sex lives, we were also reviewing the hotels as well."

"The trip was amazing, we had two weeks all expenses paid travelling around some lovely boutique hotels across Australia and reviewing our experiences."

The couple entered the competition after seeing it on Instagram. "We had to do a mini-quiz and then send a video introducing ourselves before a Skype interview," Justin explained. "It was a pretty intense process but I had a good feeling and said to Jess, 'I think we're gonna win this', and luckily we did."

You can say that again.