Meet the man who travels around Europe for free by charming women on Tinder

Meet the man who travels around Europe for free by charming women on Tinder

When Tinder first hit the market, it attracted mixed reviews. Some people thought it was a shallow way to approach online dating, and that finding a partner should involve more than simply swiping left or right on a selection of mugshots. Others, meanwhile, saw it as the perfect model for modern dating: it's quick, it's easy, and people are usually quite up-front about what they want to get out of a match.

After all, some people want something serious, while others are after a laid-back Netflix and Chill sort of deal. Oh, and some people just want to travel the world for free by Couchsurfing their way through the homes of dozens of their Tinder matches.

No, seriously.

Anthony Botta, a 25-year-old Belgian man from Brussels, has traveled to 20 European cities and stayed with 21 different women using a method he calls "Tindersurfing". By using the premium version of the app, Tinder Plus, Botta is able to contact matches from different countries. Once he's matched with a lady he finds appealing, he explains what he's doing and waits for their response.

When he first embarked on the mission, he didn't really know how to bring up the subject. This led to Botta wasting a lot of his time - something he wasn't really intent on when you consider that his mission was to traverse the continent.

"After a few days I found out I couldn’t spend three hours a day just chatting on Tinder explaining what I was doing," he said. "So I came up with the following game plan: break the ice with ‘You are my first match in the city’ and then whatever the lady would text back I would send her the link of the trailer video that is on my Youtube channel followed by ‘wanna be my host?’"

Understandably, he gets some mixed responses.

"The most common one was ‘wow that’s cool but not for me, I wish you luck in your travels’," Botta explained.

"But of course a guy that only travels with Tinder was never going to please everyone so yes I had negative comments, insults, ladies deleting the match etc. And of course ladies that would just say yes before we even started talking."

It's not what the app was intended for, obviously, but Botta is being totally upfront about his intentions - and it probably doesn't hurt that he's a fairly good looking dude, too. However, the Tinder nomad doesn't always hook-up with his hosts.

"In the end it is like a regular Tinder date: sometimes you go to bed together, sometimes not," he said. "If you don't click, if the magic doesn't happen, then I sleep happily on the sofa."

Botta also realizes that it's a lot easier for him, as a man, to go traveling the world in this way than it would be for a woman. "Tinder is full of creepy guys that will send you dick pics even before saying hello," he admitted. However, he is grateful for all the opportunities and experiences he's been given and doesn't intend on ending his journey anytime soon.

In the near future, he plans on heading to North America and New Zealand. So, ladies, if you like the look of this guy (and you've got a free couch for him to crash on), get your swiping finger at the ready - you could just end up being his latest host.