These are the places you can go on a nude vacation in 2018

These are the places you can go on a nude vacation in 2018

Going on vacation is one of the things in life that we all look forward to. If you work a regular 9-5 office job, getting away from the rat race and taking some time to yourself is something that you look forward to all year round. Taking a break is all about de-stressing, unwinding and, seemingly, losing all of your clothes.

Yes, you heard me right, 2018 is all about the nude vacations. Nakations - as they are now commonly known - are apparently the most 'natural' way to enjoy a holiday. While it may sound a bit bonkers to some people, these holidays are rapidly rising in popularity as people seek to let it all hang out and opt for complete freedom when on their travels.

In light of this new found freedom, we decided to round up some of the best locations if you fancy a bit of a 'nakay' in 2018. Check them out below.

Kati Kati Naturist Park - New Zealand

According to Trip Savvy, the Kati Kati Naturist Park is New Zealand's most 'upscale naturist resort'. The park is located among lush greenery and offers a secluded and intimate spot for those who want to feel at one with nature.

The park operates a strict no-clothing policy, with it stating that guests are 'expected to go clothes-free whenever the weather is suitable.' And, if the incredible scenery doesn't satisfy you, the park also offers nudieoke (nude karaoke).

Hedonism II - Jamaica 

A fitting name given the nature of the resort, Hedonism II is one of the most popular places in the world to take a Nakation, according to Trivago.

The four-star hotel offers luxury nakationing, with the resort receiving a 6/10 rating on trivago's raunchy scale. The site offers 280 luxury suites, outdoor swimming pools, private beach and adult themed entertainment. Not done there, there is also the 'Romping Shop' - a playroom for the adventurous type which allows couples and singles to get intimate with one another.

Hidden Beach Resort - Au Naturel Club - Mexico

This five-star resort not only offers white sandy beaches, but it also receives 7/10 on the raunchy rating. Guests can partake in nude dining, nude bars, and nude discos - making it a nude haven for everyone.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort - Mexivo

If you thought the Hidden Beach was raunchy, desire comes in at 8/10 on the raunchy scale, inviting couples and laid-back guests to enjoy a 'world of erotic pleasure.'

In addition to the four person hot tubs, the resort offers up multiple gourmet restaurants, featuring erotically-themed food and a spa menu which features a 'fantasy' menu for guests to enjoy.

Turtle Cove Beach Resort - Australia

Turtle Cove is a beach resort for members of the LGBTQ community who are seeking an adult only experience when on holiday. The secluded resort is located near the picturesque Great Barrier reef and provides a peaceful haven for those wanted to unwind.

The resort isn't strictly naturist, with it allowing guests to wear clothing if they so wish.

Desire Pearl - Mexico

It looks like Mexico is the place to be if you're after a Nakation. Topping the list of the raunchiest holidays with a strong 9/10, Desire Pearl is a fantasy resort that offers premium adult entertainment as well as 'fantasy menus' that cater to erotic desires.

Guests at the resort can pick from having a videographer filming their frolics, enjoy 'food play' or spend time in the playroom - complete with a love bed, swing and sensual kit - with other guests.

The resort claims that it will 'take you on a journey beyond the limits of pleasure,' making it a seriously popular destination among nakationers.

Looks like Nakationing is here to stay, then. What do you think? Would you let it all out when abroad?