This retired old man is looking for live-in help at his country home

This retired old man is looking for live-in help at his country home

Over 45,000 people have read this old retired man's ad for a person to live with him, and he's gotten applications from people as far away as China. Terron Dodd lives in Cape Breton, and he refuses to leave the beautiful outdoors for a nursing home. He's 75 years old, and with multiple sclerosis and a wheelchair, he needs some help taking care of chickens and cutting wood.

"I think there is a movement of people to go back to the land and want to be able to grow their own vegetables, know where their food came from," said his daughter, Miranda, who is living with him now but will soon move away to be with her children. "And be part of the sort of social connectivity we have in rural areas."​

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The requirements in the ad, on Kijiji, however, are pretty precise. You'll need:

"Skills or an interest in gardening. You'll want to care for chickens. You're a bit of an odd jobber, handy, and more importantly, interested in all kinds of projects. You enjoy a rural setting. You can lift 50 lbs. (stacking firewood, shovelling snow etc). You are a non-smoker. You can manage without a television (but I do have the internet)."

He said:

"It seems like there ought to be some way that the people that are interested in going to such a place, and the people that need some help, could contact each other. Whether it is farming or gardening or woodworking or blacksmithing, there is stuff that they could learn from these old people if they could get in contact with them."

Let's hope he gets a good applicant out of the 27,000 who sent a reply, and they have a nice life together.

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Miranda, the daughter of Terron Dodd, has said that a nursing home would probably "kill him". He has to live in the outdoors, not in some city complex, and that's respectable. He's reliably right that thousands, or millions, of people will come to crave the countryside in the future. Fresh air, fresh water and lots of space is nothing to balk at. Plus, consider every sci-fi fi dystopia you've ever seen. Unless the whole world is a desert wasteland, most often, the dystopia is a city.

The whole world being one giant totalitarian city is a serious possibility of where we're going. The cosmopolitan impulse, to move from the countryside, may very well have peaked. Who wants to be another face in an impersonal mega-1984 soul-buster of a thousand-block repetitive nightmare? I think people would prefer to move to a small town than to live in The Matrix, once the virtual reality depression sets in and all the giant ads at Times Square pollute every square inch of every city.

Terron Dodd is on the right track. However, I hope you can deal with chickens. That, of course, and chopping wood. Those are the key skills of the outdoorsman. Have you applied yet? Or will you build a rural cabin of your own some day?