Teen Finds Video On Her Phone From Stranger Who Broke Into Her Hotel Room

Teen Finds Video On Her Phone From Stranger Who Broke Into Her Hotel Room

You are naturally much more aware of your belongings when you go on holiday. I don't know what it is, maybe it's just British people, but you automatically become so much more suspicious that someone is going to break into your hotel room/apartment and steal your stuff than you are at home.

It is something we all fear, and most of us go to extreme lengths to protect our stuff, either locking our items in a coded safe or literally carrying around all of our monies, passports, phones and everything else in a fanny pack, and getting extremely aggressive whenever anyone comes near us.

However, while most of us enjoy our trips without anyone breaking into our rooms, on the rare occasion it does unfortunately happen.

Meg Corrigan, an 18-year-old girl from Scotland, was recently on a party holiday with her friends in Zante, Greece. Meg admits that she and her friends weren't exactly playing it safe with their belongings, with them regularly leaving their room doors unlocked so they could simply walk into each others rooms.

However, when she was on the bus home, Meg discovered a video on her phone that he been recorded by a complete stranger who had broken into her hotel room. But, rather than steal her possessions, this guy simply issued a warning.

Zante-Twitter-Message Credit: Twitter

In the message, which went on to be posted on Twitter, the boy ironically warns Meg about the dangers of people breaking  into her room. Check out the Tweet below, unsurprisingly, it has gone viral:

"In zante a random boy came into our room cause it wis [was] open whilst everyone wis [was] on the balcony and left this video on docs phone, am howling," wrote Corrigan, in classic Scottish Twitter vocabulary.

In the video, the "random boy", who appears to be a vigilante with morals, implores Corrigan and her friends to "be more careful with your stuff" and adds with a cheeky wink: "If I can come in here, anyone can."

While he's not wrong with what he is saying, it is a bit weird that the boy felt the need to break into the girl's room in order to prove a point. Of course, Twitter being Twitter, the boy was soon hunted down, and it turns out his name is Lloyd Burden.

It has been revealed that Lloyd had tried more conventional methods when warning the girls about the dangers of leaving their rooms unlocked, but they had fallen on deaf ears: "The boy that videoed himself had been shouting at us the full week to shut our doors because it was unsafe, but mine and my friends doors were right in front of each other so we knew we would be alright," Meg told The Sun. "He must have just came in when we were all on the balcony and left us this."

Zante-Nightlife Credit: Thomson

Thankfully Meg wasn't mad at Lloyd at all, in fact she saw the funny side to it all: "Me and my friends were all in stitches," she said.

Fair play Lloyd for trying to do the right thing, but maybe use a more conventional method next time, rather than breaking into the room, as that could've gone seriously wrong.