The TSA has an Instagram of confiscated items

The TSA has an Instagram of confiscated items

Since its establishment 16 years ago, the Transport Security Administration has confiscated some weird and wacky stuff. From the more conventional contraband such as guns and knives, to the slightly bizarre items like false teeth and cattle prods, they've seen it all - and now, so can you.

Thanks to Instagram, the strange items that didn't make it through airport security, have instead found their way to where they truly belong: the internet. Take a look at some of the crazy things that people tried to smuggle on to airplanes, and thank your lucky stars that they were unsuccessful.

1. Bone knife

You've got to be out of your skull to try and bring this on a plane.

2. Hoe

No, not that kind. I'm talking about the gardening tool.

3. Christmas gifts?

Someone must've thought they'd beaten the system when they came up with this genius plan.

4. Blowtorch

Plan on doing a spot of welding while you're on your holiday, do you?

5. Spear gun

I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I don't think you'll catch many fish at 37,000 feet.

6. Cattle prod

Remember what I just said about the fish? Same deal with cows, buddy.

7. Dragon claw

Maybe next time just keep the whole dragon and use that to fly to your destination Daenerys-style.

8. Whatever this is...

Gas mask? Bullet holder? Nightmare fuel?

9. Batarang

This guy clearly isn't the real deal, because Bruce Wayne would take the Batplane.

10. The Moon

Ok, this one wasn't banned - but how cool is that?

11. Satan's fidget spinner

This trend has officially gone too far now.

12. Sickle

Oh, you mean this ISN'T a 12th century farming community? My mistake.

13. Bear mace

See comments re: fish and cows.

14. Tomahawk

This axe might not be particularly sharp, but apparently neither is its owner. No weapons, dummy.

15. A corpse

Ok, it's just a prop. And it was allowed through. I pity whoever had to fly next to it.

16. Seahorse liquer

I can only assume this person was given it by an evil wizard or something.

17. Fireworks

Yet another bright spark trying to board without checking the rules.

The account also posts images of things that have been left behind. Check out the insane amount of tablet computers and laptops that were left at an airport in just one month:

They're pretty helpful at telling you what you can and cannot take on-board a flight, too. This person wanted to know whether their favourite potato could join them on their trip:

All this probably makes your toenail clippers look a bit pathetic in comparison, doesn't it? But, you've got to hand it to them, the TSA have done an excellent job here; both at confiscating potentially harmful items, and at providing us with some quality entertainment.