Twitter users are sharing their best passive-aggressive workplace comebacks

Twitter users are sharing their best passive-aggressive workplace comebacks

Working in close proximity with others for long periods of time does not come naturally to many of us.

When you are thrown into a mixture of people who you might have very little in common with other than the piece of carpet you share between the hours of nine and five o'clock, it is perhaps inevitable that, occasionally, tempers will flare and people will fall out.

There are many coping mechanisms for such incidents; grin and bear it, remain positive and upbeat, or merely remove yourself from a situation you sense is escalating. Or, you could do what these people did, and come up with some of the most hilarious passive-aggressive comebacks to seemingly trivial issues.

It all started when this Twitter user encouraged others to share their best workplace comebacks 

And so Twitter responded in typically brilliant fashion 

So passive aggressive it hurts

You have been warned 

Pay attention this time... 

"How have you forgotten this already?"

"I definitely didn't misunderstand"

"How are you unaware of this?"


The classics

Calling out the would-be deceivers 

Possibly the most passive-aggressive thing I have ever read 

If you are ever left sat with your blood boiling at some ill-conceived office feud, however petty, then take note of these classic passive aggressive retorts, one day, they might just help you feel a little better about life in the office.