'Vagina wigs' are the latest bizarre fashion trend and we have so many questions

'Vagina wigs' are the latest bizarre fashion trend and we have so many questions

Just when we think we've started to understand current trends, the powers that be at New York Fashion Week throw us another curveball. Whether it's something as pedestrian as double denim or a concept as odd as - I don't know - nose hair extensions, they're sure to have something up their haute couture sleeves to shock us.

And if you think that the stuff you've seen before was strange enough, then hold onto your merkins, because it's about to get a whole lot weirder.

This week, the South Korean designer Kaimin pretty much stole the show when their models paraded down the catwalk in custom-designed vagina wigs. No, seriously.

vagina wigs Credit: Getty

When describing the concept, the fashion house's press release claimed that the pubic wigs were designed "to assist irregular silhouettes" and also "to bridge the gap of hard versus soft."

More than that, though, the people behind the wigs wanted to emphasize that diversity and tolerance were important issues to them, and so "this acceptance of individuality is the human vagina".

If you look close enough, you'll see that each vagina has its own tiny mohawk: something that Kaimin added in order to emphasize their goal of encompassing differences within their work.

vagina wigs Credit: Getty

"Because the Kaimin collection has a huge central theme of pride in your body and your sexuality - although they are not mutually exclusive – we had a lot of freedom here," said Dale Delaporte, the creative director of Prema Hair, who designed the wigs.

"We really wanted to push the futuristic punk aesthetic of this seasons' collection and having matching hair and merkins was perfect.

"We worked hard on figuring out the best way to get them made and to have them looking as natural as possible and the results speak for themselves!"

Of course, the pubic wig isn't an entirely new concept. They've actually been around for hundreds of years, and were originally used by women who wanted to display a little hair down there but didn't want to risk contracting crabs or lice. In more recent years, they've gained popularity in films and TV shows that include nudity, and have been known to feature in pornographic movies too.

vagina wigs Credit: Getty

Some might even argue that these hairy ladies weren't even the weirdest look this week, however.

One male model walked the runway sporting a ripped hoodie with the word "DRUGS" emblazoned across the front, while another turned up in an inside-out jumper. Maybe this is just my ignorance showing, but I don't entirely understand what's fashionable about that.

As great as these models manage to make the merkins look on the runway, though, I doubt we'll be seeing them in high street fashion stores any time soon.