Waiters reveal the most annoying things customers do at restaurants 

Waiters reveal the most annoying things customers do at restaurants 

Going for a meal out is usually an enjoyable experience - that is, if you're not the person serving the food. While customers get to sit down and stuff themselves full of expertly-cooked grub, servers have to be the ones to pick up after them and cater to their every need.

But what are the worst things you could possibly do as a patron in a restaurant? Well luckily for us, the internet has spoken, and this is what it has to say...

1. Tip tricksters

Whether you tip or not is up to you, but - whatever you do - don't act like you've left a tip when you haven't. It's degrading for a server, and it makes a bad day seem even worse. Reddit user nicolekriss recalls one Christmas shift where somebody did just that:

"He [the customer] hands me the bill-fold, smiling, and there's a ten on top. He says 'I won't be needing any change'. I'm thinking the ten isn't the best tip on a 170$ bill, but I work the buffet and not everyone thinks we do anything at all so whatever, I don't really care/mind. I get up to the cash and start counting all the money when I realize that the rat b*****d gave me perfect change, including the f*****g ten on top!"

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2. Picky eaters

You want to swap your fries for a salad? No problem. You'd rather not have pickle in your burger? Sure thing! You want your eggs done over-easy, your sausages slightly charred, hold the mushrooms, extra tomatoes (but only grilled ones, not fried), two slices of crispy bacon, two slices of lean - oh, and you want something from the lunch menu, too? Yeah, no. If you go to a restaurant and order something that's not even on the menu, you're going to make problems for everyone.

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3. Playing God

Servers are there to do their jobs, not play games - so don't manipulate them for your own entertainment. "I had a guy put a $20 on the table when I came to greet him and his wife and say 'This is your tip. However, everytime you do something wrong, I will remove a dollar'," wrote user MissJoey. She continues: "I thought he was joking, so I chuckled and asked 'like what?' He takes the 20 off the table and replaces it with exactly $19 ... He responds with: 'like that.'"

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4. Tip scrimpers

As I said before, whether you tip or not is up to you. If you feel like the staff were rude, or perhaps most of your meal was self-service, it's understandable that you're not going to want to pitch in an extra ten dollars. However, if you received a good service, and were able to afford a decently-priced meal, you can't get away with the "sorry, I'm broke" excuse. "My favorite tip last year was off a $140 bill," writes another Reddit user. "On the tip line was the statement "Times are tough, sorry :-(". $140? Come on, if you can afford $140, you can afford $150 at the very least.

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5. Straight-up swindlers

Sometimes you get a bad meal in a restaurant. It does happen, and you're well within your rights to send it back in that case. But what you can't do is eat more than half the meal, send it back, then claim you're not paying for it. If it was really that bad, you wouldn't have been able to manage more than a mouthful.

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6. 'Friends'

If you become acquainted with a server, or if you already knew them outside of the job, that doesn't entitle you to VIP treatment. They might be your best buddy outside of work, but they can't just give you free stuff because you guys go to college together, okay?

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7. Bad parents

"I understand that kids will make a mess," wrote user MasterMirage. "[But] dont [sic] let your spawn go to town while you sit there having a glass of wine." That's it in a nutshell, really. You wouldn't let your kid make a mess of your own house, so don't let them ruin somebody else's.

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The bottom line is: respect your servers. They're just people trying to do a difficult job. Don't make it harder for them just because you're paying the bill.