Woman discovers her boyfriend is a thieving cheat, then plots the perfect revenge

Woman discovers her boyfriend is a thieving cheat, then plots the perfect revenge

Dating is a pretty difficult game to navigate these days. Whether you've met someone at a bar, on a dating app or through a mutual friend, there's no real way to know for sure whether they're right for you until you've been seeing them for quite a while. And yes, you can usually trust your first instincts about someone, so if they seem like they're in it for the long haul then that might well be true.

However, you may also discover - heaven forbid - that the guy or girl you were starting to develop real feelings for isn't exactly who you thought they were. Perhaps they had put up a very convincing façade, as opposed to being their authentic selves. This could mean anything from realizing the person you're seeing has a disturbingly fierce temper to learning that they have a criminal past.

Credit: Twitter / Angel Exford

Some people will, sadly, find themselves in a situation in which they discover that their other half never cared about them in the first place, and only ever intended to con them out of their hard-earned cash.

Unfortunately, 29-year-old Angel Exford from Lambeth in London had to go through just that. Yes, she found out that the guy she had been seeing stole her wallet, her bank account details, and $930 of her money.

But a scorned Angel was very keen on getting revenge on her thieving boyfriend:

Exford, a dental hygienist, and her 26-year-old ex, Michael Fehsenfeld, had been dating for a few months before their relationship very dramatically hit the rocks last September. It all seemed to have been going pretty well until one particular date. Before the date in question, Fehsenfeld told Exford that he had lost his wallet.

Credit: Angel Exford

Exford had no reason to be suspicious and thought nothing of it. So the date went ahead and at some point, Fehsenfeld went to the bar to get some drinks using Exford's card, which she had willingly given him for the transaction.

It appears, however, that Fehsenfeld did far more with her card than buy a few drinks. He noted down all her details without Exford's knowledge, and in the days following, she began to notice large sums of money being stolen from her account.

At first, she noticed items such as flowers being paid for using her account. But it was only when Exford discovered flights and accommodation to Paris had been purchased using her money that she knew she had to get the police involved.

At this point, Fehsenfeld had started ghosting her and blocked her on social media so it wasn't too difficult to make a connection there.

Credit: Twitter / Angel Exford

"The day after he doesn’t mention anything about paying me back, that SAME evening he goes out and I’m watching him turn up on his Snapchat," she wrote on Twitter. "So this is the same guy who lost his wallet with no bank card or ID this is when I knew, he is really taking me for a d*ckhead."

"I brought up the lost wallet again and still nothing. So I thought, f*** it I’m gonna end this and take the L coz my pride is too strong to be arguing about £80 with someone who clearly doesn’t rate me. Things got weird, I never mentioned the money to him, we ended it that week."

It later emerged that he was in a relationship with another woman and the vacation to Paris was intended for himself and his real girlfriend.

Credit: Twitter

Anyway, there was absolutely no way she was going to let him get away with his incredibly deceptive behavior. In fact, she was intent on getting revenge on her lying ex.

Exford saw that Fehsenfeld was due to fly to Paris from London, and so, with the police in tow, she turned up at the airport where he was arrested. Fehsenfeld pleaded guilty to fraud at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on October 22 and was later sentenced to a 26-week suspended sentence for two years, in addition to 150 hours of supervised community service.

Not willing to remain quiet about what she had suffered at the hands of her ex, Exford decided to share the story on Twitter where it has since gone viral under the hashtag #fraudbae.

Credit: Twitter

Unsurprisingly, Fehsenfeld received a lot of backlash for his heinous actions on Twitter.

"Such an attention seeker," one Twitter user wrote. "Why didn't they keep this man in jail?"

"Karma is real, people like you make me sick," wrote another.

Incredibly, the guy seems to feel no remorse for his actions and after avoiding a jail sentence, he posted a video of him rapping about the whole affair.

This is one of the lines in the song: "I'm seeing all the s*** that's happening, it is what it is. Fraudbae…. Yeah OK."

And it gets worse. After visiting the BBC 1Xtra studios, he posted the photo below with the caption: "It was a pleasure @bbc1xtra #fraudbae OUT SOON!"

Credit: Instagram / Michael Fehsenfeld

I guess these days, pretty much anyone can get famous off of doing something, well, not worthy of positive attention. Anyway, we can only commend Exford for dealing with the whole ordeal with class, patience, and maturity - it can't have been easy!