Woman miraculously survives life-altering car crash after sustaining horrific injuries

Woman miraculously survives life-altering car crash after sustaining horrific injuries

A 23-year-old Russian woman who miraculously survived a horrifying car crash has spoken out about her injuries and the struggles that she now has to deal with in everyday life.

Maria Lebedeva was training to be a lawyer at the time of the accident and, as a result of the crash, she has lost her memory, eyesight, relationship and her future career.

The young woman is now highlighting the impact the crash has had on her in the hope that it will help her find doctors who can help her as well as raise money for the treatment.

Maria was involved in the devastating crash while in her home city of Novosibirsk on 20 August 2016. According to her, a large part of her memory has been wiped as a result of the incident.

"2016 and 2015 have entirely gone," said Maria.

Maria says that the crash gave her brain damage and severe spinal and pelvic injuries. According to her, the incident happened after she had a blazing row with her boyfriend of four years, Andrey.

"I was late and when I came he was angry," Maria said.

"When I got in the car, he was yelling at me."

The police report into the accident says that Andrey had jumped red lights in his BMW 530 and had struck an SUV at 50mph. While Andrey and his friend were lucky enough to be saved by the airbags, the same can't be said for Maria - who ended up being the only person injured in the crash.

She says that Andrey came to visit her in the hospital but that the relationship worsened when her parents were forced to sue him for $17,700 to cover her medical costs.

"He wasn't there for me when I needed his support," Maria explained.

"He told me: 'Do you think I am the only one guilty of this accident? We are both guilty'.

"I was so angry when I heard that. It was as if he didn't feel guilty at all.

"He didn't regret or apologise, it is disgusting to remember."

Maria also said that her friends deserted after the crash, saying:

"It hurt me so much when I disappeared for everyone.

"Now I realise I didn't have many friends, I had many acquaintances."

She feels like the accident has not only stripped her of her "old looks," but she also says that she's lost "much more."

She used to be a fan of dancing, running and travelling but has lost the majority of her independence

"I miss my independence the most," she said.

"I feel blind when I walk with a stick.

"I can hear how people pity me, especially old ladies.

"I feel defective. I can hear better than I could before the accident - and sometimes it really annoys me, the things I hear."

Despite the setbacks, Maria has refused to give and wants to pursue a career as a flight attendant and has taken up singing as a form of therapy. She is also undergone extensive stem cell treatment as her family look for new medical approaches to help her recovery.

Good luck to Maria as she continues to try and get over the accident.