Woman pours bleach solution onto men "manspreading" on the subway

Woman pours bleach solution onto men "manspreading" on the subway

Ah, men. Sometimes they have no idea how privileged they are until it's explicitly pointed out to them. Just a few days ago, a man informed me that he'd decided to write a sitcom from a woman's point of view because female voices are currently "in vogue" - without giving a second thought to the fact that female voices should, y'know, be written by women.

A more common example of male privilege which infuriates women around the world, however, is manspreading. On the off chance that you're unfamiliar with the term, let me explain: manspreading is when a dude sits with his legs wide open on public transport, thereby taking up precious space from the seats either side of him, all because their junk seemingly makes them worthy of more space.

Credit: YouTube / Anna Dovgalyuk

While the practice has been subject to widespread criticism, no one has tried to take physical action until now. Twenty-year-old Anna Dovgalyuk, however, decided that enough was enough, and she decided to punish men guilty of "gender aggression" on the metro in St. Petersburg, Russia. She did this by pouring a mixture of bleach and water onto their crotches.

To create the solution, Anna mixed 30 liters of water with six liters of bleach. She did this with the intent of creating a mixture which would easily damage a man's clothes, and therefore mark him as a manspreader for all to see.

To see men reaction to Anna's punishment for manspreading, check out the video below:

This is what the social activist had to say about the solution:

"This solution is 30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when doing the laundry.

"It eats colours in the fabric in a matter of minutes - leaving indelible stains.

"We not only cooled the manspreading down but also marked them with identification spots!"

Despite some commenters on YouTube, where the video was posted, pointing out that what Anna did could be interpreted as a chemical attack, the 20-year-old revealed that none of the men she targetted have taken legal action, as it would be frivolous over a pair of ruined jeans.