Woman's reaction to finding out her brother has sex in animal costumes is everything

Woman's reaction to finding out her brother has sex in animal costumes is everything

The internet is a strange, strange place.

We already knew this to a certain extent - I mean, just look at the Tide Pod challenge, or all those crazy dating simulators, or, on a much broader level, the dark web. It's a place where anything goes, everything is possible, and anyone could be participating in some shady activity or another.

But the one community that embodies this better than any other, perhaps, is furries.

If you haven't heard of them before, furries are people who like to dress as, act like, and (sometimes) have sex as an animal. They create "fursonas" for themselves and wear costumes known as "fursuits" in order to realize their inner furry self. In real life, they often meet at conventions or gatherings; but the internet is where they truly shine.

Obviously, because there aren't many furries in the world, the world wide web - and social media in particular - helps them keep in touch with others who share the same unusual hobby. So they congregate via Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr in order to update others on their furry antics and, quite often, share pictures of themselves in their suits.

But, while the internet offers a significant amount of anonymity, there's no guarantee that a person's lifestyle won't eventually be found out in the real world.

And that's exactly what happened to one guy, who goes by the fursona, "Cinnamon Subwoofer".

When his sister came to his place and stumbled across some artwork of him in his fursuit, she started berating him for it and mockingly told him he had to take it down. However, once she spotted some material from a furry convention sitting on his bookshelf, her reaction went from 0-100 in less than a second - and it's amazing.

Currently sitting at more than 25,000 retweets and over 70,000 likes, the short clip of Cinnamon's sister literally screaming at her brother went viral very quickly - and it didn't end there.

Pretty soon, she was turned into a meme:

And another one:

But if you thought the internet was going to stop there, you'd be wrong.

Cinnamon's sister was also turned into a T-shirt:

A piece of furry artwork:

A meme of the artwork:

And a living legend:

After making the rounds on "furry Twitter", however, Cinnamon's sister did not seem best pleased. He posted an update later on of a message she'd sent him, which simply said "Furry Twitter should be banned."

In reality, though, I think she probably found the whole thing pretty funny.

After all, there are worse things you could find out about your brother and, if Cinnamon is happy living his best life as a giant dog (raccoon? Pokemon??), then who are we to stop him?