This woman's tactic for dealing with unwanted attention at the gym is absolutely brilliant

This woman's tactic for dealing with unwanted attention at the gym is absolutely brilliant

As much as some guys might not like to believe it, there are times in life when us women just don't want to talk to you.

When we're trying to do our jobs, for instance, we don't really want to be asked for our phone numbers or pestered for our social media details. Or when we're trying to walk somewhere alone - especially at night - we really don't want to be made to feel uncomfortable by someone giving us "compliments" (which usually come in the form of catcalls). Even on the internet, we just want to enjoy stupid memes and post selfies without some random dude sliding into our DMs with the classic, "heeyyyyy".

But you know when we really don't want to be bothered? At the gym.

We're tired, we're sweaty, and we've already got to deal with all the disparaging comments we get from guys who think that we shouldn't be allowed in the weights section because it's arm day for them.

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Thankfully, one woman on Twitter had the perfect solution to the problem: farting.

Olivia Cole, who uses the Twitter handle @RantingOwl, witnessed a beautiful interaction between two women who were approached by a man at the gym and one of them used her own natural gases (or, at least, the idea of them) to shoo away the unwanted gymgoer.

Cole, who is an author from Kentucky, went on to add that the woman in question was barely into her twenties, and she was impressed that the young lass had developed such a refined technique so young. Normally that kind of disillusionment takes years to perfect.

The original tweet caused quite a stir on the social media platform, having been retweeted over 23,000 times and liked more than 133,000 times. However, not everyone was buying the validity of the situation.

It's clear to see can see how, to a certain type of person, the interaction might indeed seem a bit farfetched.

However, for everyone else in the comments who had also experienced being chatted to by a guy with "flirty eyebrows" (at a gym or otherwise), the story was all too relatable.

But this dude wasn't having any of it. Apparently, the young woman should have been more "respectful" when turning the man away.

To some extent that's true. But maybe this guy hasn't considered that the woman probably was respectful to the first dozen guys who thought they could just stroll over and chat to her while she was clearly trying to mind her own business, or complete some important task, or work out with her friend. If anything, he should have been respectful enough to leave her alone unless she'd actually shown some kind of sign that she wanted to talk.

So, ladies (and indeed anyone else who doesn't want to be bothered at the gym), if you want a surefire way to get rid of those invasive pests - all you have to do is claim that you've let one go. They'll be gone in an instant.