Mom humiliates teenage son when she busts out her 'best' dance moves on the jumbotron

Mom humiliates teenage son when she busts out her 'best' dance moves on the jumbotron

Parents - you can't live with them and you certainly can't live without them. Not when you're a kid anyway. And it's when you hit your teenage years that the extent of their annoyingness seems to reach a whole new high. Yep, it can feel like they go out of their way to infringe on your freedom. I mean, they give you curfews, restrict your dating life and ground you for getting bad grades. Unreasonable, much?

So, yeah, the restrictive-type parents can be pretty damn irritating. But do you know what's arguably worse? The parents who are just intent on embarrassing their kids at every given opportunity. The ones who seem to get some kind of weird enjoyment out of watching their kids cringe while they insist on doing something socially awkward.

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And there are just so many different kinds of embarrassing parent. There's the kind who show their kids an exaggerated amount affection when their friends are over. The kind who reveals embarrassing details about their kids in front of other people. And then there are the parents who make an absolute spectacle of themselves for what seems like the entire world to see.

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And the more witnesses there are to this spectacle, the more satisfied the embarrassing parent is. I'm thinking about one viral mom in particular. She went viral after being caught by the jumbotron at San Diego’s Petco Park, dancing like an absolute maniac.

Watch the hysterical clip here and just try not to feel too bad for the kid:

It was during Monday’s game between the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants, that the cringe-worthy mother in question decided to bust out her best dance moves. And the best bit is the undeniably mortified look on her teenage son's face.

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Everyone in the ballpark couldn't help but erupt into fits of laughter as the woman - who is yet to be named - began wiggling her hips and shaking her arms in the air while Flo Rida’s hit song 'Low' was playing. (Well, isn't that how we all react when that absolute banger comes on?)

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Her son, who clearly does not want to be associated with his uninhibited mother, can then be seen burying his head in his Top Gun shirt.

Here's a close up of the humilation:

An amused onlooker by the name of Rudy Rendon recorded the lighthearted scene and, of course, posted the footage on Twitter. The clip has now been viewed by more than 21,700 people.

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And the responses from viewers just kept flooding in:

"That kid isn’t going anywhere with his parents in public again lol," Twitter user Reggie Allen wrote.

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"I loooove this,” wrote another. "I’m glad she took this opportunity to have fun with friends and family… and the world!!"

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"All I can say is: He should have rolled with it. Life’s way [too] short to be embarrassed [by] moves like those! :P," another Twitter user added.

In all seriousness, it's lovely to see the mom has no qualms about letting loose in public, even when she knows that potentially the entire country (and let's face it, now the entire world) could be watching her. We hope she never loses her fun spirit and that her son is able to laugh about it all in time to come.

Unbelievably though, this is nowhere near the most embarrassing thing to be caught on the jumbotron at a sports event.

Kiss cams are notoriously controversial at games. Sure, 99% of the time they occur without a hitch and everyone sees the funny side in it, but not for the following people.

First up is this teenager, who was probably silently praying that he wouldn't appear on kiss cam with his mom. Well, lo and behold, they pointed the camera straight at them.

So, how did they react? Well, in very different ways:

But that's just some very tongue-in-cheek embarrassing fun, where everybody involved could see the funny side. This next video is much more hostile.

During half-time at a recent Atlanta Hawks game, the kiss cam captured some guy paying more attention to his beer than his girlfriend.

Unwilling to follow the kiss cam rules, he left his significant other rather peeved - but she soon got revenge.

Check out the hilariously savage moment in the clip below:

Brutal. Like, cry-yourself-all-the-way-home-to-your-empty-apartment-where-you're-going-to-die-alone brutal.

So the next time you find yourself at the big game, and a camera just so happens to decide to broadcast you to thousands of people in the arena and millions more watching at home - make sure you make the right move!